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Miss Virginia Law i9 at Charlevoix. Mrs. G. Luick is visiting in Bay City. Postmaster Duffy spent Sunday in Corunna. Timothy McKone, of Chelsea, was in the city Monday. W. D. Church, of Detroit, visited nis parents last week. Mrs. Joseph Donnelly is visiting her daughter at Chicago. Miss Mary Seabolt is visiting friends in Lyndon this week. Henry Stuinpenhusen, of ', Ypsilanti, was in the city Tuesday. Rev. Dr. Thomas Holmes, ofChelsea, was in the city Wednesday. David Henning, of Chicago, was In the city the flrst of the week. Mrs. Ph'hp Bach and children are visiting in Detroit this'week. Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Hill were at Whitmore Lake Wednesday. Mrs. W. G. Snow visited at Whit" more Lake and Milan thi3 week. Mrs. Emma Grenville, of IDetroit, is visiting Mrs. William Wagner. Mr. James L. Babcock returned from Waukesha, Wis., Tuesday. Prof. and Mrs, Uenry 'Wade Hogers leftfor Buffalo, X. ï, Monday. II. J. Brown and family returned from Whitmore Lake Wednesday. Dr. L. D. White, of Detroit, was in the city the early part of the week. Mrs. Catherine Haley is very low at her residence on Xorth Second street. Charlie Jacobs and Robert Law are spending the week at Whitmore Lake. Misses Katie and Allie Cramer are spending the week at Whitmore Lake. Isaac King has gone to Jackson as a clerk in the drug store of the central city. Prof. C. G. White, of Lake Linden, Mich., is visiting his sister, Mrs. C. M. Osgood . Mrs. William Walsh has returned from a week's visit in Chelsea and Lyndon. Mrs. Densmore Cramer is visiting her daughter, Mrs. B. S. Waite in Menominee. Register of Deeds Kearns, wife, and daughter left for Point Edwards, Canada yesterday. Mrs. Samuel Smith and Miss Emily Pitkin returned from a vis.t in Howell, Tuesday evening. Mrs. Chas. Jones has returned from North Lake, and is visiting her sister, Miss Henriques. Mrs. E. J. Johnson left Wednesday for Chicago to be absent until the middle of September. Mr. James Clancy, who has been quite ill, is improving and considered to be out of danger. Fred A. Maynard and family, of Grand Rapids, are visiting [his parent3 on South División street. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wallace, of Chattanooga, Tenn., are visiting at their mother's, Mrs. H. Henley's. Miss Flora Storms, of Adam's bazaar, left for DeWitt, Iowa, Tuesday, to spend a three week's vacation. Dr. E. R. Wagner, of Newark (X. J.) city hospital, is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. William Wagner. Mrs. E. S. Sinclair, who has been visiting friends here for the past month, returned to Detroit, Tuesday. Porter Lathrop, who has been visiting at his father-in-laws, John W. Thompson's returnei to Iowa. Monday. Anson Besimer, of Detroit, Fred Besimer, D. Loomis, and J. L. Stone left for the Rush Lake club house yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Whitman returned Monday from a three weeks enjoyable trip through Colorado and Texas. Misses Lucy and Mary Chapin and Miss Minnie Cowen are recreating at Topinabee Bay in the northern part of the state. Miss Rosa M. Campbell, daughter of Mrs. W. G. Snow, has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. C. Troop, and cousins at Milan this week. Mrs. II. H. Curtis and daughter, of Lansing, who have been visiting at Henry Matthews, were called home Saturday night by the sudden illness of Mr. Curtis. Mrs. Howard, of Lansing, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. W, Clarkson, left Wednesday morning tor Manchester where she will üsit at W. L. Watkins. Worthington Co., Xew York, announce tor immediate publication: ■■Studies in Oriticisni," by Florence Trail. 1 vol. 12mo. 37opp. SI. 50. There are seven essays entitled "Pools Filled with Water," Glimpses into French Literature, Genius and Religión, Genius and Morality, History in Literature, Skepticism of the Heart, Decline in Art. It is a very remarkable book written by a new writer of great power, lt makes enjoyable reading by its clearly deQned ideas, the originality revealed in the unexpected relationship of certain ideas, the daring yet dogmatic expression of opinión, the vivid impression produced by an extraordinary command of the English language aud above all the authors' inexhaustible enthusiasm and delight in study. It will afford a mental stimulus of lasting power and value, aud is a noble vindication of the claims of philosophy in a liberal education.


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