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i PAINT I.ÜI jj y nIr.r rOIT A COS OTE.C01T ïtrGGT r.VTXT tri I'an.t Kiidiiy, mn it toChurch Sunüay. Eizht P s 3 Fashionable Shades: LUck. Maroon. Ve-nnTioR "B S Blue. YeUow, OKo Lake, Brcwster and Wagon E ifw JJ üreens. No neecswry. Drlei hard c.S" iih Um. une Coat and Job U done. ?ó 3 YOUR BUCCY E Tip top for Chaira. Lawrt Seat. Sash, Flmtr L ■3 I OU. Lahy Camages, Cllltabl Poles, hurnílurs, LQ Üï i.'"'". Ix""' Slore-ftonts, Screen Uoors. Boats. v = Mn lts. Iron Fentrs. in f.itt evcr-thmi. Jn-,t ?-" ihe Uunf for the ladits to use about the house S . 2 FOR ONE DOLLAR ffi LC0IT'SH0NESTi CO re jou goine to Paint lhf ye.rl If. dont SÍÍ Duy a p.imt coiitaintng water ür benznie when 'S B L„ fortliesanif nxnry(or nearly so) youCín procure '-S OOIT (O'S I'IKK PAISt th is w.rmitwl te ïï - ben HO!,t:ST, KXl'l.I LI.VSKKD.OIL MIÜT 3 and tree from water and benzine. Dcbhr4 tkli 3 A ! O brand aai. Mk ■ otlirr. Icrchants hajiiiünf = E a it aje ur afo.ts and authorlzed by us. In writini; -i U wirn.l 11 M w„r t 1 m;8 witü fOlTS ir !j' flL YK11I itllk I (-OATS. Oiir Simde! are the 3 = l-atea Stylcs used In the East now becon.ine "- 3 tdU so in the West. and up ith the times L ïu M ffy tlm braml of IIOIK8T PUST and you will E J [ never rejrtt it. This to the ise Is silflïcient tü o HOUSE PAINT J Í COÏT'S FLOOR PAINTËfi J1 Pamt that ncver dried beyond the sticlty point Sgg ■SP a ek. spoil the job, and then swearl i-o ? N"' "me cll for (IT MM PMIUK PAIJT SLZ "W. r"lilar.ind suitaKe shades, warr..ld t. dry , gg; ar as a rurk mrtr Bjyfai. No Ironble No ÏL 1:"WONT DRT STICKTJI AGENTS WANTED To eell "Reinhnld't SelfRotary Knift Sharpener" the best and only perfect iimohina of its Icind in xlttance. Over 2,600 sold by two agrente ín 3 weeks. Ncarlv 50 per et. to airents. Hetail for 60c, 75c, andtl.UU. Wrlte for terms. Samplte free. Addres. F. J. f i I . Detroit llioa


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