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A Proposed New Drive

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A number of gentlemen from the city iucluding an Argus representative went over the route of a proposed new road commencing just south of Mr. Lennon's house and running along the brow ot the hill until it reached the Geddesburg road somewhere near Dr. Smith's farm. The proposed road; wil! ive our eitizens one of the prettiest drives in this section. The scenery is beautiful. The road would give a view of cultivated fields far below, through which the winding Huron runs and the beautiful dwellings of Ann Arbor among the woods on the hills beyond. The view is one which could not be excelled. As we understand it, Mr. Lennon and the other gentlemen through wbose land the road runs propose to dónate the land for the road and only ask that the city should take care of that part of it within the city limits. Those of our eitizens who have the epportunity ougbt to see the beautiful views on the proposed route.


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