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A Street Railway

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The Ann Arbor Street Railway Company is tlie name of a proposed company, at the head of which are Gen. O. B. Chureh,R. P. Peet and other citL, zens of ithaea, Michigan, who aak the nelit to build a street railway in this city. The company apparently mean business and have submitted a proposed ordinance to the council under which they desire to work. A committee, consistingof Aid. Wines, Sutherland and AUmendinger, are now considering its terms and will report at a meeting of the council to be held next Monday evening. The company propose to build a street railway over the following route: Commencing at the Michigan Central railroad bridge, south on Detroit street to Catherine, thence west to Main street, thence south on Main to l'ackard street, thence southeast to Madison street, thence east to State street, thence south to Monroe, thence east to Forest avenue, thence south to Ilill street, thence east to Washtenaw avenue, thence north on Washtenaw avenue to .North University avenue, thence west to State street, and from Madison street north on State street to the Michigan Central. A track will also be laid on William street from Main street to the Toledo & Ann Arbor depot. This route thev are vvilliug to contract to complete in the year 1889. They also propose to build from the intersection of Huron and Statestreets, west on Huron street to the west boundary of the city, and to complete this by the year 1890. The proposed ordinance asks the exclusive right 'to build street railway over the route named for tuirty years, and also of constructing a street railway on such other streets as the city should desire a railway erected upon, providing that they shall give their assent in wiïting within thirty days after notice and complete the road within a reasonable time. Otherwise the council may ?rant another company the right to juild on such streets. The tracks are to be laid under the direction of the council or its city en gineer and on such location along said streets as the council shall prescribe, the company having the right to construct a single or doublé track. The gauge of the track is to be four feet eight and a half inches, and the road shall be constructed of the best material, and shall not obstruct the free passage of vehicles over the track. The cars shall be run at a rate not to exceed six miles an hour, and as often as the council requives, but not oftener than once in üf teen minutes, between the hours of six a. m. and eight p. m. The rate of fare shall not exceed rive cents for the entire length of one route and transfer tickets good over another route shali be giveu for two cents additional. The proposed ordinance further provides that no car shall stop on cross walks, that ladies and children shall not be allowed to enter the cars while in niotion, that the company shall employ only competent drivers and con. ductors, that the company shall pavei iuside of the rails on all streets where pavements now exist (if any such can be found in the city), that the company shall at all times keep the surface of the street inside the rails in good order and repair, paving the same where the adjacent street is paved and keeping the same free from suow, ice and dirt. The ordinance provides for the for feiture of all fights by the company in case they fail or neglect to coniply with the proyisions of the ordinance and in case they fail to complete the road in the time specifled. These are the provisions of the long ordinance submitted by the company, briefly outlined. The committee haring the matter in charge will report any changes they may deern necessary at the next meeting of the council.


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