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Arrangements For The Funeral

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Washington City, Aug. 7. - The following telegram respectiug the funeral arrangements was received f rom Col. Sheridan at Nonquitt by the war departmentyesterday : It is Mrs. Sberidan's wish that her husband should be buried with military honors, and that at the same time there should be no display beyond what pertains to a strictly military funeral tn proper respect to his rank. Will you kindly authorize sucb a funeral, and place mattere under charge of Geu. Schofleld. The fuueral wil be in Washington, but when and where I eau not yet say. Perhaps it would be well for Geu. Schofield to come here. It has been decided that Gen. Sheridan's burlal shall be in the Arlington Nutional cemetery, and Saturday has been linally tled o.i as the day oL the funeral. Tbere will be no funeral services at Nonquitt Father McKinn, of St. Matthews church, saw Cardinal Gibbons at Baltimore yesterterday, and was informed by the cardinal that he would prsonally officiate at the obsequies of Gen. Sheridan on Saturday next The cardinal will conduct the services at the ehurch, consécrate a plot of ground at Arlington and be present at the interment. Cardinal Gibbons was on the point of visiting the west, but on learning of Gen. Sheridan 'a death, ohanged his plans." The gentlemen selected by the general's family to act as pall-bearers are as follows: Gen. W. T. Sbermar ; Marshall Field, of Chicago; Gen. Hawley, of the United States senate; Speaker Carlisle, Vice President Frank Thorapson, of the Pennsylvania railroad. Gen. Wesley Merritt, U. S. A ; the senior of ficer of tho Grand Artny of the Republic In the District of Columbia; Secretary Whitney; Gen. McFeeley; Gen. Joseph Fullerton, of St. Louis ; Secretary Endieott and Georee W. Chikls. The president sent the following telegram to Mrs. Sheridan.1 Executive Mansión-, City, Aue. B. Mus. Sheridax. N'onql-itt, Mass., Via New Bedford:- While the nation inourns its loss aud shares your sorrow let me express to you my persoual grief aad most sincere eondolence. Grover Cleveland. At i o'cJopk tlie followiiig coimiiunicatiou was sent to tberaipitol: To the Sexate and House of Represent vhves; It becomes my painful duty to announoe to the congress and to the people of the United States, the death of Philip H. Sheridan, generul of the army, which occurred at a late hour last night at his summnr home ia the state of Massachusetts. The death of this valiant soldier and patriotic sou of the republic, though his loog illness has been regarded with anxiety, has nevertheless shocked the country and caused universal grief. He had established for himself a strong1 hold in the hearts of his fellow-countrymen who soon caught the rrue meaning and purpose of his soldierly devotion and heroic temper. His intrepid courage, his steadfast patriotism and the generosity of his nature inspired with peculiar warmth the admiration of all the people. Above his grave afïection for the man and Dride in his achievements will struggle for mastery, and too much honor can not be accorded to one who was 80 richly eudowed with the qualities which make bis death a uational loss.


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