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A Friend Of Labor

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As an employer of labor Welington R. Buít has always been generous, fair and honorable. When lis great mili burned down a few ?ears ago, involving a direct loss to lim of over $200,000, he called his ;oo workmen together and told them hat he would be unable to rebuild at once, but in recognition of their ervices had directed his bookteeper to pay each of the 01 $15 for he loss of time sustained. During he great strike in the Saginaw Valey Mr. Burt stoutly opposed the ordering of the troops to the scène and appealed directly to the men. It was mainly through his wise counsel and températe action that the difficulties between the men and the mili owners were finally amicably settled. The workingmen of the state know his record, and judging from what we can learn they propose to cast a solid vote for him in


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