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rpiiE qt ESTION OF THE DAY. PROTECTION OR FREE TRADE ? An Examliititlon of the Tnriir Questloi with Especial Rerard lu the Interest of Labor. II V IlKMtV GEORGE. CLOTH, 1.50. PAPER, 35 CENTS, This Is the clearest, fairest, most interestlng anc most complete examinatlon of the tariff question ye' made, and 'wlll prove invaluable to all who wish U understanü the subiect. The most thorouffh investlffatlon of the subject ttut bas yet been put in type.- New York News. The appearance of tlils boolt marks a new epoch li the world-wide struggle for tree trade. Henr; George bas a power of putting economie truths it j sucb a clear and limpid language tliat any child cat understand him, wnile the most learned man can en Joy the accuracy of bis statements and the suggestiveness of his thoughts.- Thomas G. Shearniai til New York Star. A book which every workingman in the land caí read with interest and ought to read.- New Yort Herald. Whoever wants to see the strongest argument- no only against protection, but against all tarllls- wU flnd it here.- Christian Union. The sini-ular succesi of Mr. George is that he hai made pohtical economy lnteresting.- Dnitanan H fbt Henrr George'a Other Worki. Profress nd PoTerty, cloth,l paper, 35 nu, BocUl Problema, cloth. (1; paper, 35 cent. The Land Question, paper, 10 cents, j Propertjr In Laad, paper, 15 cents. 1 Addraa mg, THK STANDARD, fflSUi. 12 Union Square, New York. KB.VLY'S mm m li ifiven on trinl mi.l WHrrantod to grive SHtisiaotloii or inoney refunded. Chronic Casos a Speeialty. Office No. 6 Washington St. Over KiQser & Sefttelf Pcro. Ann Arbor láCpiiEg 0FFER -THEChicago Wseklf Tines, FOR THE CAMPAIGN. THE CHICAGO WEEKLY TIMES is tho Leading Newspaper of the Great West. It contains the most important news collected by the Daily Edition f rom all parts of the world: a review of the week at home and abroad; ïnterestinii readintr matter lor the l'amily circle; household and agrricultural information, and reliable commercial and market news. Durmg the CAMPAIGN it will give the Fullest. Most Complete, and Most Impartial Political News, regrardless of persons or parties. THE Should reach every Western Home reffularly durinsr the Campal n. 25 CEÏTTS FOR THE CAMPAIGN. $135 PAYS FOR THE Chicago Wíikly Tines, UP TO JAN. 1, 1890. Here is a chance to secure weekly, one of the beat newspapers in the United States at a trivial OOBt. THE WEEKLY TIMES will contain the most important news collected by the Daily Edition, besides a vast amount of Literarv Houeehold, Agricultural and Miscellan eous matter for the General Header. This order will hoH trood enly for a shorl time. OKDEKATONCE. Send Postal Note, Postal Order, or Beg istered Letter. THE TIMES .Chicago, II


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