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T. M. Nesbitt, republican candidate for ...

T. M. Nesbitt, republican candidate for ... image
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T. M. Nesbitt, republican candidate for prosecuting attorney in Ionia county two years ago, supports Buit, Breen and the Cleveland electors this year, on account of the republicans favoiing high taxes. Benson J. Lossing, the eminent historian and for many years a leadïng republican, says: J'Protection has placed the industries and shops of the land into the hands of the wealthy, and made the masses contributors, but never beneficiaries." Congressman Fitch, of New York city, a republican member of the present congress. hasdeclared for Cleveland and a reduction of the tariiï Mr. Fitch had a majority ol 5,000 in his district two years ago. He is a man who will carry many republicans with him. Mr. Wheeler, of Salem, and Mr. Blaine, of Maine, do not agree. Mr. Wheeler would break up trusts by taking off the tariff on the articles the price of which are raised but trusts. Mr. Blaine thinks that the tariiï has nothing to do with trusts. Mr. Wheeler is right. The. tariff enables trusts to exist, because it enables them to charge the consumer more for what he needs. Mr. Wheeler should come out from the republican party which is folio wing the leadership of Blaine. The Argus has been asked to express a preference as-to the candidates before the coming county convention. Under existing circumstances this is not a proper thing for us to do. The convention will be made up of delegates competent to decide what is for the best interests of the party and should decide who the candidates should be. It is, however, perfectly prbper for us to say, without reilecting upon any particular candidate, that it beho.oyes the democratie party not to nomínate a candidate it will have to fight for to elet. This is a presidential year and Michigan is an exceedingly close state. A hundred votes may change the result and elect a president. The wolkers in the party ought to be employed in working for the state and national tickets. The county ticket should be so strong that there would be no incentive for trading and nothing to in any way demorálize the party.


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