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Defenders Of Trusts

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Mr. Blaine is the recognized leade of the repubHcans. When he re cently landed in New York, he w;i received with loud acchiims, as thei "uncrowned king." The. various states of the unión were represente in the procession, Junius E. ËeaJ of this city acting as aid de camp for this state. Much more ado was made over Blaine than has been accorded to Harrison, and the party leaders seem to have relied upon him for advice. Blaine's utterances therefore may be taken to represent the views of the repubücans. In a speech delivered at Portland, August 15, iSSS he said: "I shall not discuss trusts this afternoon. I shall not venture to say that they are altogether advantageouó or disadvantageous. They are largely private affairs with which neither President Cleveland nor any private citizen has any particular right to interfere." We have all along charged the republican party leaders with being in league with the great trusts. Does not this utterance of Blaine go far to show it? The lumber barons can put up the price of lumber so that they can make their millions more rapidly and, according to Blaine, the people must bear it and have no right to interfere. The coal barons of Penn sylvania can f orm trusts, lay off thei men so that too much coal shall no be produced, and forcé the consume to pay doublé what he ought or els shiver for want of coal, and accord ine to Mr. Blaine the coal consumer have no right to complain. Th sugar trust may put up the price o sugar and Blaine says no one has right to interfere. The manufac turers through trusts can díctate th prices the consumer must pay on a most every article he buys and ye according to Mr. Blaine, the con sumer has no particular interest i trusts, or in breaking them dow and Mr. Cleveland has no right t speak for the people as against the monopolists. Mr. Blaine's plea is for the monopolists. It is their money which is to un the republican campaign. It is or them that the republican party eeks to maintain the high tariff which fosters trusts. And any atack upon the tanífis an attack upon ie monopolists. So be it. Will the republicans of Washteaw vote in favor of trusts? Do :iey agree with Mr. Blaine and the epublican leaders that the people nave no t'ight lo interfere with rusts, that the millionaires have unaienable rigtlts to oppress the people. and that President Cleveland should )e repremanded fr having dared to ay anything against trusts?


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