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Dress the Hair With Ayer'g Hair Vigor. lts cleanliness, beneficial effects on the scalp, and lasting perfume commend it for universal toilet use. It keeps the hair soit and silken, preserves its color, prevents it from falling, and, if the hair has become weak or thin, promotes a new growth. "To restore the original color of my hair, which had turned preinaturely pray, I used Ayer's Hair Vigor with entire success. I cheerfully testify to the Efficacy of this preparation." - Mrs. P. H. Davidson, Alexandria, La. " I was afflicteil sotne three years with scalp disease. My hair was falling out and what reraained turned gray. I was induced to try Ayer's Hair Vigor, and in a few weeks the disease in my scalp disappeared and my hair resutned its original color." - (Rev.) S. S. Sims, Pastor U. B. Church, St. Bernice, Ind. " A few years ago I suffered the entire loss of my hair from the effects of tetter. I hoped that after a time nature would repair the loss, but I waited in vain. Many remedies were suggested, none, however, with such prooi of merit as Ayer's Hair Vigor, and I began to use it. The result was all I could have desired. A growth of hair soon carne out all over my head, and grew to be as soft and heavy as I ever had, and of a natural color, and firmly set."- J. H. Pratt, Spofford, Texas. Ayer's Hair Vigor, PRKI'ARKD BY Dr. J. C. Ayer tt Co., Lowell, Mass. t-old by DrngcitU nd Perfumen. piRE INSURANCE. CHRISIAÑ MAC& gant fr th followin(f FirfC)8Compr reprftsentiDg oTfr twenly-eiht Milliou Dollt Aasosts, issues policiefc at the lowest rate Etna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,00 Germania Of N. T 2,700,729.00 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.00 London Assuranct, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.8 N. Y. UnderwriUrs, N. Y. 2,596,679.86 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505,00 Pbtnix, N. Y.' 3,759,036 rSpecl! ttenüon gi-nn t Iho insurtnc u dirdliBga, icliooli, rhunhes nnd public buildinfh on tenut of tbrte and Üre yan. Monumentsf Statuary. Endorsed tóERiCAL%SuPEPi0 Tq SClEKTISTSAÍx Mie MARBLE qr WHITE BRONZE M Monumento Took flrtt premiums t th Aun Arhor an Cheleea Firs. Not being porous lik atont, they can not absorb mtisture, grow moss. nor crubl and will peftj Tke TOtk of Tlijt rOH CEWTTJRIES. IB. OTJ IV5T, .AG-EÜSTT K. Trfhinrtn. Tr Rin'y and Scabttlt's, HONEY pEE You never can obtain. except at fabijlous prices, cofíe tbat will better suit your taste tban the celebrated Hl! BSB UK SOLD BT E. WAGNEll, who is making tea ui win i mm. He also has a fine line of Groceries and ProTisions, Glassware, Tobacco, te. The proof of tb pudding is th ating, 3 try buying yoór groceries of WA&NER, 33 S Main Street. Aun Arbor. P Vlf BI BOOK AGENTS il. A A HIGH TERMS AgenU wh hT h fia uces iSiouK wnto ui .cm (n f stal carés) nmi f boks, dstt, nunkar iola in wht tin,il ternu ie cei-ed (ix f abtioulabj), au eti !rm no Niw riMB ad xthahrbikabt icm lo bltir theKiMlvei onmir i ft-lU(r ook. HHNRY BUCKLIN CO., ST. l.OÜIS, MO Jf S Ben al tain,an(l uiakr nii'uuiT VI lltworK.u. ,tïu ut lajthinfelMia UUthlü world. Capilnl nol uufded ;tiii isrtcd free. ISoth seiei, ll K8. AyBc do the werk. I-rg emiaïs uur fr flrit itrt. C'ottlT oulSt Bd term fre. flter net deliiy. Ooit Tu notllDg to ie4 u yur dieu findant' ü jou sr fIh im wil] ieitBC. H. IIitHT Co..Prtli. Min Ágents Wanted 1 07 tn most complete popular family physician book cTerproduced. Select ■omethincTBOiioaOHlt osiDL of TRU TALUE, nd Mies are alwjs ur and large. ENTIRKLY NEW, up t the Tery latest actenee, yet In plain languaL. A GRBAT NOVELTY ia all iU part and aUiact inetant attenüon. 240 engrayingi. The ml Ïrofusely and beautifully illuitraied book ol ft ind Ter got up. BEST OF A LL, it is BY FAE the LOWEbT-PKICED eTer pablühed- less tlian half the cost of uy deent Tidutne yet out. AgentE who are llred of ttrugflmg with hlgnpriced booka, write tor particular of this great new ueimrture in bookaelling. Pi-ANKT PUBLISHING CO. 203 Pine Street, ST. LOUIS, MO. SCday's tin givfn Agente ithout capital.


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