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Real Estate Transfers

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Recordad during the week in the office of the Register of Deeds. Joel D. Stimsou to Win. F. Stimson, Ann Arbor, Í : 4"r 00 H. M. Wheedon to J. and S. Armstrong AnnArbor, 1,000 00 Wm. S. Coliman and wlfe to iFred W. Dembois, Ann'ArborTown, 7,500 00 Jonas Young, by Sheriff, to Gruner and EUis, executors, Dexter and Putnarn 1W) 38 Olean A. Vaughn to Charles Goodwin, Webster 2,0 00 Jerusha Fitos Gerald, by heirs, to Annetta D. Phelps, Manchester, T50 00 Michael Grossman to JGeorge Grossman, Ann Arbor, 2,000 00 Olive M. Patton Taylor to Harvey Cornwell, Ann tArbor, 200 00 James W. Wallace; to Mareus R. Feig-uson, Ypsilanti, T10 00 Watson Snyder to Jos. Demosh, tYpsilauti...... 800 00 Watson Snyder to C. F. Long, Ypsilanti ......- 5,000 00 B. F. Harris, et al, to Win. A. Hussell, Augusta, 35000 Nathaniel Martin, by adm., to Nettie Martin, Saline, 616 00 Anna L. Behr to A. and A. Lentz, Ann Arbor, 300 00 Anna Matilda Clark to Thomas Collier, Ann Arbor, 1,200 00 Emma A. Weinett to Euniee G. Dunn, Saline, 600 00 John Moran to George Moran, Aun Arbor, 600 00 Eujrene K. Frueaull to Hannah M. Stiles, Ann Arbor, KXL00 Ellen B. Tuttle to .Lavina ■ E. Cooper, Ypsilanti, 600 00 Julia A. Crowcll to George P. Glazier, Sylvan, 405 00 Estella A. Guerin to Geo. P. Glazier, Sylvan, 40500 Daniel H. Fuller to OakJGrove Ceinetary Assooiation, Lima, 175 00 Austin B. and Sarah J. Norton to John Smith, Ypsilanti, 300 00 Hannah M. Taylor to Carrie H. McLean, Chelsea, 350 00 Henry Colby to Chas. W. Albans, (Augusta, 150 00 Philinda Fletclier to AddisonFleteher, Ypsilanti, 2,000 00 Anna L. Behr to Jno, Jacob Koch, AnnArbor, 2,000 00 Herman Hutzel, et al, to Albert C. Schumacher, Ann Arbor, 900 00 Josephine Naumann to Katherine Wolf, Mancheiter, 1,500 00