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The tariff is a tax. The republcans affe...

The tariff is a tax. The republcans affe... image
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The tariff is a tax. The republcans affect to be tired of hearing that but before the itles of November come they vviü be more tired o: hearing it. It makes them weary. The tarifr is a tax. it is a heavier tax than is needed to support the government. It takes money out the poor mans pocket which ought to be left there. It is a tax, anc like all too heavy taxes, it should be reduced. The Courier writes very nonsensically concerningjthe tarifF. It sa y jf the tax is reduced, the reduction vvill come out of the pockets of the laboring man and farmer. What utter nonsense. When a tax is reduced it does not take money out the pockets of those whu pay it, it leaves the money in their pockets. Reduce the tarifF taxation and the farmer and laboring man will have more moneys in their pockets. The Courier reminds one of the saying about fools who rush in where angels dare not tread. lts latest break is in commenting upon the presidents recent retaliation message toCongress. The Courier denounces the president, who has shown himself possessed of more back bone than any president for years, as a coward, etc. etc. We shall not comment on this. The statement is too rediculous for comment. Mr. Buine's remarkablc speech on trusts last week, when he stated hat trusts were "largely private afairs with which neither President Cleveland nor any private citizen las any particular right to interfere,' ïas created quite a furor in political circles. Mr. Blaine seems to have the idea that these gigantic trusts fostered by the tariff should not be interfered with in any manner and that the tariff laws which shut out competition ought to be maintained for the benefit of trusts. But the American people ought to have no such idea. They ought not to be sp chained to the worship of millionaires to longer consent to paytribute to them. The accumulation of so much vvealth in the hands of so few people has long been regarded as an evil Vmt Blaine does not so regard it. Ie wants the millionaires protected. The people have something to say about that, Mr. Blaine.


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