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Saucy Sarah Terry

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San Francisco, Sept. 4.- A sensational arene was euacted in the United States cuit court yesterday when Justice Field read the decisión of the court sustalning the previous decisión that the alleged yiarriage contract between Sarah Althea Hill and the late Senator Sharon was a forgery, and that the executors of the Sharon vrill m a y proceed without regard to Miss Jdill, who is uow Mrs. 'ferry, having married Judge David 8. Terry, her counsel. As the reading of the decisión proceedad Mrs. ïerry becaine excited, and, jumping up, interrupted Justice Field, iiiquiring if he was about to order her to give up the marriage contract. The judge told her to sit down, whereupon she grevv wild with passion, and shouted that it was said that Judge Field had been bought: that she would like to know what figure lie valued himself at; that it seemed that no one could get justice in that court without a purse, etc. .ludge Field ordered Marshal Franks to re move Mrs. Terry. Franks toward her, whilo sha continued to pour out oaths and vulgar language. As Franks took hold of her arm, Judge Terry knocked him down vvíth a terrible blow, dec.laring that he would let no living man touch bis wife. Franks recovered h i m s e 1 f and witii deputies and bystanders rushed upon Terry and dragá,ed him out of court. Mrs. Terry was locked up in the marshal's office. Terry soon advanced upon the deputy guording the room and demanded admission. Beiag refused, he drevv an ugly looking dirk, with an eight-inch blade, and threatened to carve his way into the room. Several men jumped upon hira and there was a desperate struggle. AH finally feil in a heap, and the knife was taken away without any one being injured. Terry was then loeked np with his wife. A sachel dropped by Mrs. Terry in the court room was found to contain an English bulldog revolver with six chambers 1 o a d e d. Marshal Franks afterward entered the marshal's room and was attacked and beaten about the face and head by Mrs. Terry. A strong guard was t h e n placed in the room. There was great excitement in the court room during the fracas. The room was full of leading lawyers and citizens, attracted by the news that the decisión was to be rendered. Af ter quiet was restored Justice Field flnished reading the decisión, and the court retired. When they returned they announced a sentence of six months' imprisonment for Judge Terry and thirty days for Mrs. Terry, for contempt of court. Since the decisión above ref erred to was first rendered the state supreme court has adjudged that Sharon was married to Miss Hill, and that she is entitled to part of his estáte. The executors applied to the circuit court for a revival of the decree of forgery, and this was the matter decided yesterday.


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