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St. Jacobs Oil

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Fox lOlieumatism. THE CRIPPLE. THE CURE. loweU, Man., Lowell, Mftii., lift J.n. 1T, 188S. 0,nU,mon:.n..'L.wi; Mr. Lewls Dflnnll, 136 Dennli ha Juit cUea Moodj Bt., ayi: "Orla npoa m, and tnfora m Bobinion, a boy of 12, th&t the boy Orla Roblm" U bom ia on, who ra poor crlp18 81 on cnrtohw, hli pl on cmtch, ad tt lft bn bsn bw two oxrad iy Bt. Jacobi 011 moatlu luid oould not Im la 1811 ; the cnr hu rtralrhtaaed. H gave malosd parmaaect. Ih Uffl Bt. Jacobi 011 to rub joaag man hai bea and onlt. Zn ilx d7i he had u now at work Try day o o, tor erotche aad at manual Ubor; a can wat hom. without cerUlnly wblch proTi "." th ffleacy of St. Jacob oeo. o. osoood a oo. on. geo . c. osoood.m.d. 03S0HI0 OUES 10 TSABS' BTAHDINO OUCZD PEEMAHENTLT. CSTÏM.ED OASES THK0W A WAT OEÜTCHIS; CUEED PEaMüfENTLY. Sold Sy DruggUti and Dealers Everyuhen. The Charle A. Vogoler Co., Bulto., Md.


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