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The monthly meeting of the society. President Baldwin presiding, was weil att6nded, Saturday afcernoon. The grape-rot was discussed. Mrs. L. üruner arrested the rot by using one ounce of carbolic acid with five gallons of rain-water. Spriukle all over the viiies. J. J. rar8hall reported on transportation. W. F. Bird gave a most interesticg account of his visit amosg the prominent fruit grosvers of western New York . The vineyards about Penn Yan on Keuka Lake, near Séneca Lake, the orchards audMagara and other grapevine plantations at Lockport and Rochester were graphically described. Mr. Bird went through a catechism oí inquiries in regard to the mo3t promising grapes, pears, plums, and general fruit culture and fruit houses. Those who were acquainted with those parts of the country, who had spent their youth there, were especially interested. All were benefitted. No wonder that these men from the east succeed. Ellwanger & Barry are associated with their sons. Moody & Sons at Lockport are successie ui men. If our sons take the same interest in fruit culture we will and must succeed in Washtenaw and Michigan generally . The peach growers reported that peaches will be shipped in eightorten days, Prof. B. E. Nichols arrived at the close of the meeting from his visit to Detroit, where he had eonferred with the railroad authorities and fruit dealers concerniug transportation. Shippers of fruit vill do well to conform to the rules .of the committee on transportation. EXHIBXT OF FBU1T. Mts. L. Gruner, exhibited ñne specimens of Clapp's favorito pear. Etnil Baur exhibitedJRostiezer, Clapp's, Kirtland, Flemish Beauty, Dearborn' Seedling, Doyenne Boussock, Belle Lucrative, Sheldon, Superflne, and Bartlett pears, and.early Crawford peaches. THE STATE AND COUNTT FAIR. The State Fair will be held from the lOth. to 14th. of September. iMr.L.D. Watkins of Manchester; who has charge of the Horticultural Department, is anxioua that Washtenaw's fruit should be well represented and requested the writer of this report to maKe an exhibit of pears and other f ruits. Fruit growers will do me a great favor if they bring to rny bouse on West Huron treet,during this week, fruit vrhich is well labelled with proper name and time of ripening. A píate of fruit must contain fiye specimens with a stem and, if possible, without insect marks. Mr. John Almand, Supt, of truit at the County Fair, to b held Sept. 25th. to28th.,asked the society foi the appointment of judgeg. The chairappointed the two secretarles to select judges. Itis desirable that we make our own County Fair a success and have all the departments filled with the blessings of field and household, with the accomphshments of art and science. Emil Baur.


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