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Washington City, Sept 11.- The report of the department of agricultura for September lst makes the average eondition of corn 94.2; wheat, 77.3; oats, 87.2; rye, 92.8; barley, 86.9; bliek wheat, 93.7; potatoea, 91.6, and tobáceo, 87. The returns show but very slight falling off froin the exceptionally high August report of inaize, the general average having declined but one point during the month. The loss is almost entirely in one state, Kansas, where drought aud hot dry winds caused a decline of eleven points since last report. This high average of con. dition bas been exceeded but once during tne past ten years. in 1885, when it stood at 95, and the largest erop ever grown was harvested. Ia the seven corn surplus stiitss the average eondition is 95, against M at the same date in 1887. The averages of tho.-se States are: Obio, 99; Indiana, 99; Illinois 98; Iowa, 99: Missouri, 92; Kansas, 80, and Nebraska, 97. The average eondition of spring and winter wheat when harvested was 70.3, against 82 last year, and 87.8 in 1887. In 1885 it waa 73, and "in 1884 98. The winter wheat states show a slight improvement over the Ia9t report of conditiou, in July, but there has been a serious decline in the spring wheat región ot the northwest. Chinch bugs were again a serious evil in portions of Minnesota and Wisconsin, while unseasonable rains at and after harvest materially lowered the eondition in these states, and in portions of Iowa. Frost between the lOth and 18th of the month did some injury in tbe Red and Jim river valleys. The averages of the principal states are: Winter wheat - New York, 86; Penn. sylvania, 92; Tennessee, 96; Kentucky, 90; Obio, 70; Michigan, 7S; Indiana, 64; Illinois, 72; Missouri, 75; Kansas. 90; California, 85; Oregon, 94. Spring wheat - Wiseous n, 78; Minnesota, 70: Iowa, 73; Nebraska, 80; Dakota, 78. The general average of oats at the time of harvest was four points lower than at last report. In only one year since 3881 has the September report made eondition less than 90_1887- when it was 83.4. The decline this year was mainly in the spring wheat región of the northwest, and on account of rust and unfavorable meteorological eonditions at time of State averages are: New York, 93; Peunsylvania, 06; Ohio, 95; IUinois, 92; lucharía, 93; Minnesota, 80; Iowa, 73; Dakota, '.


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