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Beivaro of Fraufl, ae my name and tho price are staunped n the bottocn of all my advertised shoes befr leaTinpr tlie faetory, which protectthe wearcrs agrainRt high prices and inferior foodi. If a lealor ofl'ers VT. L. Douflas shop t a reducec! pric, or SRys he has theni without my narn and prlce aturaped on tb bottoni, put h''m dow as a fraud. m i i' '" " '& rat' WBr W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE oentTen. The nly calf $i Soniuless Shoe in the wörld made without tac! r nails As stylish and dtirn t! as those costing ? or $- and uiving1 ni tacks 01 nnils to wearthe stocking orhurt the feet, mukcs them ;is romfortnhle tin tl well-fitting hs ;i hand sewed shtie. Buy the btst. None cnline unless Ètamped onbottom '' W. L. Donólas $3 ïhoe, wartunted." W I-, OHJí1a-4 54ioe. tile origina] and onlv hand sewed welt Si hoe, which equaia cuetom nade shoes costina fmm $6 to $9. W.I,.MH:las 2 50 Slioe is unexcellfd tariiciivv '.ve;ir. W. I.. DtiZax 2 Shoe is worttby all oys, nnd is the best schol shot; in tlie world. All the H.hve ffoodsare made in Congress, Üutton and Lace, and if nel sold bv vour de;iler, writc Wï. ouj1í, Brocktn, Mast. FOR SALE BY VVILLIAM RHEINHARDT & CO


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