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.Tbere is sucli a démand . for Malne sp...

.Tbere is sucli a démand . for Malne sp... image
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.Tbere is sucli a démand . for Malne spruce guw tuat there are fears expressed that the trees are giving out A correspondent suggests that they may be coaxed to give more if treated-ps the gum trees of the east are. The natives hack the bark witb their batoñeis, and iu due time the tree weeps gum. M. Paul Ijeroy Beaulieu gives figures showing the quantity of tobáceo consumed in the different couutries of Europe. Tbe rate per Wü ïuhabitants is, accordiug to him, as follow Spain, 110 pounds; Italy, 128 pounds. Ureat Britain, 138 pounds; Russia, 182 pounds. Denmark, '24 pounds; Norway, 229 pounds. Austria, 273 pounds. Owtng to the stringent law against selling antiques in Greece many oujects ai'6 broken wben found by the peasants or thrown into the sea, A similar move in Egypt under Said Hasha produced similar resulte. A new decree makes ït unlawful to deal in antiquities, and will make tbe Arabs who ünd tornbs and scattered antiques yet more secretive and lead them to destroy objects rather than aüow tbeir existen Je to be known.


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