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Have You Any Idea What It Costs To Make A Chicago Daily News?

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You havent ? Well, let us give you just a glimpse into the business, perhaps it wilt interest you. TV begin with, the ivork of the paper is divided into Seventeen Different Departntents, each under its own responsible Superintendent. Let us take theni in order as they stand on the iveekly pay-roll : - I. Tbe Editorial Department. - This inoludea managing editora, city editora, telegraph editors, exchange editora, editorial writers, special writers, and about thirty reporters. The Daily News staff is adniittedly without a superior in the West, and numbers 56 3. The Telegraph Room. - To save tim special wires are run into The Daily News building, and the paper's ovni operators take the messages and hand them immediately to the telegraph editor. The number of operators is 3 3. The Compositor's Room. - When "copy" has passed the hands of the proper revising editor it goes to the type-setter. There are a good niany of him in The Daily News office - on an average . . 73 4. The Linotype Room. - But the compositor doesn't do all the type-setting. The " Linotype " machine " sets type " by casting a-line-of-type, on somewhat the same principie as the type-founder casts a single type. Fourteen of these machines are in use in The Daily News office, and the number of persons required in this department is .... 29 5. The Artists' and Engravers' Department. - But the metropolitan daily now gives its readers not only reading matter, but also illustrations. By the aid of good artists, zinc etchers and photography by electric light The Daily News is now printing the best newspaper illustrations in America. This takes the best service of skilied workers to the number of 7 6. The Stereotype Foundry. - The matter - type and pictures - being now " locked up" in the " forms" the work is next transferred to the foundry. A metropolitan daily no longer prints from its type. In order to print a large edition quickly it is necessary to multiply the printing surfaces, and this is accomplished by casting duplícate stereotyped plates, from which, after they have been fastened to the presses, the printing is done. Of Btereotypers The Daily News requires 8 7. The Press Room.- The Daily News uses six doublé perfecting presses, capable of printing 100,000 complete papers per hour. To run these there are required men to the number of 26 8. The Mailing and Delivery Department.- "The mailere " and the delivery clerks handle over a miüion papers a week. The force numbers 26 Th Engine Room. - To supply the motive power require three steam boilers of 175 horse-power capaoity, and three engines with an aggregate of 270 horse-power. All department8 are lighted by the Edison incandescent system, which here comprisee three dynamo machines and 500 lamps. The employés of this department number 6 10. The Circulation Department. - The paper is now x manufactured article, and it is the business of this department to develop the market for it. The average number of workers is 16 11. The Subscription Room. - All the subscriptions from out-of-town, whether of individual readers or wholesale news agents, pass through this department, and this department employs on the average ... 17 ia. The Business Office.- The general clerical work of the paper, such as receiving and caring for the advertisements - of which over fifteen hundred are received and handled every day - receiving and paying out cash, the general bookkeeping of the business, requires a counting-room force of 27 13. The Care of Building requires the constant service of three janitors 3 14. The Watchman. - To insure perfect protection against risk of fire two watchmen are constantly on duty. 2 15. The New York Office. - This engages the entire time of a general manager and assistant 2 16. The Washington Bureau. - In charge of its own special Washington staff correspondent 1 17. The Milwaukee Bureau.- To facilítate Northwestern news gathering, one man . 1 From which it appears that the number of regular employees is 302 And the pay roll runs from $5,500 to $6,000 per week, aggregating during the year $300,000. Then there is even a larger annual expenditure for whit paper, and telegraph and cable tolls sometimes run nearly a thousand dollars a week. Take it all together the expenditures of The Daily News for the year 1888 will vary very little from $900,000. The foregoing takes no account of the special correspondents at hundreds of places throughout the country ; of European correspondents ; of fifteen hundred news agents throughout the Northwest who distribute The Daily News to its out of town readers ; of two hundred city carriers ; of forty-two wholesale city dealers with their horsea and wagons ; of one hundred and fifty branch advertisement offices throughout the city, all connected with the main office by telephone, nor of the about three thousand newsboys who make a living, in whole or in part, selling The Daily News in Chicago. This is what it costs the publisher to make a Chicago Daily News. It costs the reader to buy it one ent a day. Measured by the cost of its production, The Daily News is worth its price, isn'i itf The Chicago Daily News is sold by all newsdealers, or will be mailed, postage paid, for $3.00 per year, or 25 cents per month. Address VÍCTOR F. LAWSON, Publisher The Daily News, Chicago.


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