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UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CEOCRAPHV OP THE COUNTRY WILL OBTAit, MUCH USEFUL INFORMATION FROM A STUOV OF TN18 MAP OP THE CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R'Y. lts central position and close connectioa with Eastern Lines at Cïdeaeo and continuous at terminal pcints 'West, Northwest and maka it the tra mid-link in that transcontinental chain of steel whioh unites tfie Atlantic and Pacific. lts main lin and branches inclnds Giucag-o, Jolist, Otta&a, La Salía, Peoría, Genesea, Molino and Koek Island, in Illinois ; Davenport, Muaoaiine, ■Washington, Fairfleld, Ottuiuwa, Oskaloosa, West Liberty, Iowa City, Des ütoines, Indianola, TTinterset, Atlantic, KnoxTÜle, Audubon, Harían, Quthrie Centra HHBHBHEBHBZBI and Council Bluffs, in Iowt ; Gailatin, Trenton, Cameron, KV1 gd B M l' osePu an(l Elans City, in Missouri; Leavenworth ■Khv ■ I N arL Atchison, in Kejisas ; Minneapoiis and St. Paul, in tÊki ff WiI-mI El MilmeEot;a! Watertown and Sioua: Falls, iu Dakota, and HHBBBBflBHBHHtfl many other prosperous townt and citics. It rAao offers a. CH01CB OF ROUTES to and from the Pacifie Coast and intermediata places, making: all transfers in Union Depots. Fast Xrains of fine DAT COACHES, slegraut DINING CAES, mag-niñeent PULLMAN P AL ACB SLESFING C AJiS, and (bctween Chicago, St. Toseph, Atchison and Kan3as City) raatful RECLIXING CH AIR CABS, seats FEEE to holdars of throug-h ilrst claca tickets. THE CHICAGO, KANSAS & NEBRASKA R'Y (CREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE) Bxtenda west and sonth-west from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Fairbory, Nelson, Korton, Topeka, Mljjflrfflnitirc;ifllHmTH Hering-ton, Hutohinson, Wichita, Caldirell, and all SfÜJS sA wA ii rVT P08 iQ southern Nbraska, interior Kansas and beyend. BqjTf mm a jll Entire pasBengrer eqnipment of tha celebratad Pullman L J I It H manufacture. Solidly ballastd track of haavy steel tOUBuOBBtBImMBmma rail. Ircn and atona brides. All safety applianoea and modera isapraTemants. Conunodious, trell built stations. Calerity, oartainty, comfort and lozory aasored. THE FAMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE Ia the farorita batween Chicago, Koek Island, Atchison, Kansaa City, and Minneapolia and St. Paul. Tha tourist rauta to all Northern Slimmer Kaaorts. lts Watertown Brandt trareraea tha most producti-re landa ef the rreat " wheat and dairy balt" of Nerthem Iowa, Southwestern Kinnesota and East-Cenfcral Dakota. Tha short line, via Séneca and Xankekee, offers superior ■gHBmBRBBBEBBjBBBBBsj facüities to travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, B al (dj f V 1 sjl U 1 yatta, and Council Bluffs, St. Joseph, Atchison, Leaven-1'Jj g lñil worth, Samas City, Xinneapolia and St. Paul. ÍÍl' II al ■ For Tickets, Kapt, Folders, or any desired Information, BDaBBBBaEBBBBVB apply to any Coupon Ticket Office in tha United States or Canada, or addraas, E. ST. JOHN, .„.„... „ E. A. HOLBROOK, auerl Kanten. lnilAüW, ILL. Oen'l Tlckat Fara'r Aceut


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