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The Partridge As A Drummer

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Durmy th time tbe hen was laying her ec;gs an;i setting, be often gave us the "sioraiy umsic of his drum " It was snuiü t.roulle la arrange bushes on a fence neai by su that one couid creep up nnseeu and gel a fiill view of ibe gallant tbunderei perched ou a knotty o'd hem lock Ing moüsy. and batí buried in the gTomni and "children of a larger growlh " au well as tbe boys and girla availed tlicmselves of the opportunity Of tbe many who saw bim in the act of drummmg 1 do not recall one who had a correct ides beforehand of the way in which the "partridge thunder" is pro duced It was supposed to be made by the striking of the bird's wings either against tbe log or against his body; wbereas it was now plainJy to be Been that the performer stood straight up, lilce a junk bo}.tle. and brought his wings Ln front ot him with quick, strong strokes, smiting nothiug but the air - not even his "own proud breast, " as one distinguished observe: has suggested. Wilson ihinks the drumming may be heard aearly half amile. He might safely have doubled the distance. though, when we consider the low pitcü, B flat, second line in bass staff. the fact Is surprising The tones somewhat resem ble those of any deep drum, being very deceptive as to distanee. often sounding near when far off, and far off when near I would de scribe the drumming as a succession of thumps, the Brst dozen of which may be counted The first two or three are soft and comparatively slow; then they increase rapidly in force and frequency. rushing onward into a furious whir, Ibe whir snbsiding iuto a sudden but graduated diminish The entire power of the partridge must be tbrown into tbisexercise Hisappearance immediately afterward attests this, as well as the volume of sound, for he drops into the forlornest of attitudes, looking as if he would never move again In a few minutes, however, perhaps n've, he begins to have nervous motions of the.head, up. up it goes and his body with it, tül he is perfectly erect - legs, body. neck and all And then for tbe thuudei once more.-


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