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Mrs. J. Gauss died in Bridgewate n Thursday lnst. Gregory has organized a Chatau jua literary circle Whooping cough has put in ai appearance in Pittsfield. Manchester sports held a grane jnatched hunt last Tuesday . The Saline roller mili has been pushed to its full capacity lately. Chelsea had a circus Wednesday Better late than never was its motto Justice James Doyle is building a Jarge addition to nis home in Milan The ladies of the Manchester Fresbyterian church will hold a fair toon. The Chelsea creamery is building a warehouse, 26x3?, two stories high. The Mooreville school district will build an addition to their school house. Henry Scadin, of Webster, is now professor of book-keeping in Benzonia. The Webster Teachers' Association met in Phelps school house last Saturday. JohnJUnterkircher, of Manchester, thinks the bees are not storing much honey this year. Chas. Hill, of Milan, is doctoring his hand, since it got too añectionate with a corn cutter. Fred Mahole, of Bndgewater, harvested 418 bushels of oats from six acres this year. The local telegraph line between Clinton and Tecumseh may be extended to Manchester. The Milan driving park association give some more races on their grounds next Thursday. The Stockbridge fair was in progress, Tuesday, VVednesday and Thursday of this week. Forest Buchanan, who died in Detroit, September 22, was the son of R. Buchanan, of Lima. John Wallace, of Corunna, has purchased the large hop farm just west of Manchester village. D. W. ïïitchcock, of Milan, purchased 30,000 bushels of wheat dur ing August and September. The Clinton woolen mili boys defeated the Iron Creek ball nine last week by a score of 45 to 10. St. Luke's Sunday school of Ypsilanti, has sent $10 to the yellow iever sufferers at Jacks'onville. The Argus costs a dollar a year and should be in the home of every farmer in Washtenaw county. Edson Clark, of York, raised Beauty of Hebion potatoes this year averaging a pound each in weight. Miss Emily Palmer, for some time clerk in the Dexter postoffice, jL flow teaching school in Mt. Pleasant. James Long, son of Daniel Long of Chelsea, died in Jackson, Septem ber 17, leaving a wifeand two chi dren. Jerry Vangeison, one of the pio neers of Bndgewater, died at hi home in Brooklyn last Sunday Sept. 3oth. The Twentieth Michigan Infantry will hold a reunión at Ypsilanti, Octobcr il. The old Minnie band wiil be present. The eightieth birthday of Rober Shaw, of Saline tovvnship, was celebrated by a large family reunión September 25th. Mrs. Almeda Wood died in Clinton, September 20, aged 68 years. Her husband, Samuel Wood, died just nine days before. . William Blair, of Ypsilanti,! was married to Miss Elizabeth Collins, also of Ypsilanti, last Thursday, by Jlev. Wm. De Bever. James Browning, who lives near 5rass Lake, broke his leg last week by jumping out of the wagon, while his horses were running away. Henry Spencer Camp and Miss Elizabeth Steiner, of "ïpsilanti, were married in that city by Rev. W . A. McCorkle, on Wednesday of last week. William H. Boutell, of V'psilanti, and Miss Carrie Daschner, also of Ypsilanti, were married in that city on Wednesday of last week by Rev James Venning. Joseph Heim and Miss Julia Leibeek, both of Sylvan, were married in St. Mary's church in Chelsea, on Wednesday of last week by Rev Wm. P. Considine. Hungry thievesstole thtee pounds of cheese from a Grass Lake grocer last week. They must have been dude thieves for they topped off by stealing cigarettes. James D. Welsh, of Dexter and Miss Rose Clements, of Pullman, were married in St. Mary's church in Pinckney, on September 26, by Rev. Wm. P. Considine. John Graves, who lived near Clinton, died September 29, aged nearly 89 years. He had the distinction of being born on the last day of the last year of the eighteenth century. Politics run high in the Grass Lake high school and the young partisans stnve by hoisting flags on the school house, displaying of banners and making speeches to show their colors. A three voar oíd Germán carp has been captured by E. D.Hi-cock, of Dexter, in bis lakewhich weight-d nine pounds and s tvventy-seven inches long and seven inches deep. A pretty good sized young fish. The democrats of Clinton will raise over twenty poles in that village to-day and speeches will be made by J. L,. O'Mealey, of Adrián, and others. The example set on the Saline and Ann Arbor gravelroad i being widely followed. The children of the Clinton Congregational Sunday school were each given five cents lor investment or five cents worth of seeds last spring-, the object being to raise as much money as possible tor missions. Some of the young investors made as high as $3 out ot their investment of five cents. Yesterday a young man took a load of wheat to the Jackson branch reight house, and was told to go to the freight agent's office to get a receipt for it. He passed by the office ind climbed the ladder to the water ank and walked arouncl the edg-e ooking for a door to get in, when pied by the agent. - Manchester interprise. Drilling at the gas well was reumed last Friday afternoon, since which most satisfactory progress has been made. About 10 o'clock vesterday forenoon a measurement of the well was made in the presence of several officers of the company and others, and then the depth was 515 feet. The drill at that time was working in black limestone. Monday the drill struck into the sulphur regions, causing a very strong odor to arise from the weil, whicn was smelled at a great distance, also blackening the water and gives the cable a very dark complexion. The driliing is kept in operation day and night, and if the present rate of progress conunues and no mishaps occur the well will be completed in the next thirty