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The Board Of Supervisors

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The board of supervisors began their aunual session last Morday morning with the nomination of Supervisor O'Ilearn as tempoiarv chairman. After bis unanimous election, the board took a reeess to dine. After dinner, Mr. Gardner moved the re-election of J. V. N. Gregory, of Lima, as chairman of the board by acclamation. The motion was seconded and unanimously carried, and Mr. Gregory took thechair. The rules of the previous board were adopted and it was decided to visit the county house Thursday, a committee being appointed to secure conveyauces. After instrueting the clerk to advertise for sealed proposals for jail physician, the board adjourned until Tuesday. On Tuesday, Chairman Gregory appointed the following standing tees: On equalization: Kresa, Gilbert, Butts, Stevens, Dansingburg. Criminal claims.No. 1: Young, Case, Davenport. Criminal claims, No. 2: Osborn, Braun, U'Hearn. Civil claims: Hughes, Graves, Depew. To settle with county ofiicers: O'liearn, Thompson, Duncan. On salaries of county offlcers: Burch, Gardner, Mann, On apportionment of state and county taxes: Breining, Crippen, Ilutchinson On public buildings: Butts, Gilbert Hughes. On rejected taxes: Depew, Duncan Case. To examine accounts of the superin tendeuts of the poor; Ilutchinson Braun, Osborn. On finance: Mann, Ball, Thompson. On fractional school districts: Dwver, Ball, Young. On draius: Davenport, Crippen, Burch. ün printing: Stevens, Graves, Kress. Ou per diem allowance: Breining, Gardner, Dvvyer. Supervisor Dansingburg moved that the valuation of the county tor the purpose of equalization be put at $30,000,000, as iu previous years. Sup. Gilbert moved to amend by flxingthe valuation at $25,000,000. Mr. Dansingburg accepted the amendment. Supervisor Graves then moved an amendment that the valuation be fixed at $30,000,000, which was lost by a vote of 9 to 14, and the motion üxing the valuation at $25,000,000 was then adopted by a vote of 13 to 10. The consideration of the animal report of the superintendent of the poor was fixed for Friday. The election of superintendent of the poor and of jauitor was made the special order for next Tuesday afternoon. Af ter a good dinner, the board decided to receive bids tor printing the proceedings and for loaning county f unds. The Wednesday session was taken up with unimportant business and the appoint Jient of a committee to investígate the claim upon the unknown heir f und, with power to take counsel. On Thursday, the board visited the county house.


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