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STJ&COBS OH THAOE Cal SmaRIOH WHÁTITIS. SIX STANDARD VIRTÜES. ITS EFFICACY.- 1. It eirw.ts are prompt, a. lts relief Is sure. 3. lts cures are permanent. 4. I cures; no return of pain. 5. It cure Jn all casos nsed aocording to directlons. I _ t It is in one wora a cure ; u u uoi ineruij I SI a relief and in no sense a cure-all; il the product of scientiflc research. nj it strenethens while it soothes and subJ , dues, heala and cures ; it literally conquers pain. 1 A lts effects are curativo nd permanent to OQ, the whole group of muscular miserie and nervous agomes. iL It does not merely irrítate the outer surflin . face, nor does it merely often or relax constricted muscle. To its specilic nction a uperior curative virtue is superadded. I"L It penetrates deeply but eently; searchhTfl, ingly and surely, seekius the pain pot in au effort to conquer. PL Each constituent of the formula has hT, recognized intrinsio Tirtue to sorv Biost Burely ihe cur of pain. Sold by Druggists and Dealers Bxa-]where. Tbe Charlo A. Yogeler Co., Ualto., Md. Bookbindery. You can get your Harper's, Centurv's j and Scribner's or any magazine bound tar 50 cents and upward per volntne at the ARGtrs office. Blank JBooks and Note Books raanufactured. School and Sunday School Books bound and repaired at very reasonable rates Book and Albura repairing a specíalty Opposite postoffice Main stveet. F. J. Schlbedk. TVhy jou shold send us your orders. We Jandie fetw othlnebut BEST and CHOICEST BRANDS; Clfl Sellat M&nufacturcre' and lmporters Fnces; BHHk ShlpatONEDAVSNOTjCE.en.blrae VÍMÍ you to tective goods day followin: Bft3yH5LFi" rdcrs ot aLL kinus ' '-' VIZ I rmportcdBSH3 BeSBIW "fjjlt md Ainerican HHE?áÍ3 oBVAw "" Polished !'LATE, KR MB&T13B Ko,.Kh ,,d RibberI ftaWWk3ï5fc f.'mdow, %HO9t SlfeTW can Vi mdow. Enelish sí o:. "tlflj3jyJMH Euinell-d, Cut and Einbossefl. "QyBLBkMH Rolic-á Csthedral. Venenan. Muffled, . "■ÜSflH Frosied Eolieniia. Gi-'inan ,-iokmff iHD Ola; Plates, French Mirror Plites. . H The quallty, rariety tnd qjsutity of out stocK ' bexceeded by no hous iu tlio u"a Stateo. WK). REID, 73&75 Lamed 81re W, QETROIT, M1CH. P. S.- Vrite fot Ptices. No troublo to inswer corresI pondcucc.


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