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The Popularity Of Hash

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"Hash is becoming the popular midday luncbeon dish of business men," said a well known restaurant keeper the other day. "One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that very little time is waisted in chewing it. It seems next to impossible for the average business man to eat slowly. He will waste valuable time talking with acquaintances. He wil] loiter in his office or in the office of a friend and think nothing of it; but when the lunehcon hour arrivés he makes a rush for the nearest restaurant and bolts his food with alarming rapidity. A young lawyer will languidly lounge in his office, but when the meal hour arrivés a transí ormatiou takes place. He rushes to the nearest lunch counter, straddles a stool, and fights with the waitèrs if not waited on instantly. Hash is what he invanably orders, and It disappears with ligWniug rapidity. He then returns to the oihe auu yawns and gapes the rest of the afteruuon. No wonder dyspepsia holds high carnival in this city. If business men paid more time and attention to their midday meal, they would avoid many a doctor's bilí."- New York Sun. Excavations made in Tzintzuntzan, in Tacatas, Mexico, in search of treasuresare said to have revealed a magnificent palace, which is an archselogical wonder.


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