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A Clue To The Fiend

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Lonbon, Nov. 14. - The hopes of tbe pohce of catching the Wh techapel murderer, which had almost entirely died out, were raised to the acma of buoyaney yesterday in consequence of the testiraony at the Kelly inquest of George Hutchinson, a groom, who had known the vietim for sorae years, and who saw her with a male compamon shortly bef ore 2 o'clock ou the momia g of the murder. Hutchinson tes ified that he saw a welldressed man with a Jewish cast of countenanee accost the woman on the street at the hour mentionad ou Friday mornlng, and the eu"cumstanee of his aoquaintance v. ith her induced hira tofollowtha pairas they walked together. He looked straight iato the man's tace as he turned to accorapany the woman, and folio wed theru to Miller court, out of mere curiosity. He had no thought of the previous murders, and certainly no suspicion that the man contemplated violence, since his conspicuous manifestations of afCection for his companion as they walk-d along formed a large part of the mcentive to keep them in sight. After the couple entered the housa Hutcbiuson heard sounds of merritnent in the girl's room and remained at the entrance to the eourt for fully three-quarters of an hour. About 3 o'clock the sounds ceased and he walked into the court, but finding that the ligüt in the room had beeu extinguished he went home. During the hour occupied in standing at the entrance to, or promenading the court, he did not see a policemati. There is every reason to believe Hutchinson's statement, and the pólice place great reliance upon his description of the man, believing that it will enable them to run hira down.


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