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Preventable Pains

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How larc;p a proportion oí our paúu are unavoidably necessary? It is not extravagant to say that four-fifths of all the iches and pains of hunianity ara brougbt on us by our recklessness and heodlessiK'ss. 1 would set down onehalf of these to bad fashions, and the other lialf to carelessnesB in our habite. Suppose we legin at the head and go to the feet. Headaches are raroly, if ever, known by .savages. They are rarely, if ever, known by children brought up on fruit and cercáis. They aro montly dependent on impaired digestión, overloadod stomaclis and kindred abuses; or to hot, close rooms, and breathing oaxbonated air. A cure for headache is rational diet, abundant exereise, good nature and pure air. I should add one more cause- t)io habitual exhaustion of the system by abuse and intemperance. I have tried the experiment with children, and iind that ir from thoir üifancy they are prevented from indulging ia cakes and pastries, and are indulged in an abundanco of ripe fruils, oexeals, milk and pure sugar, they never kuow what a headache is. The stiöing and poisoning eíícct of bad air, of close and overheatoil rooms, is understood better than it was ono generation ago. CokU in the head are not caused by a draught of cold air if we are not first'ovcrhcated, and made unduly sensitivo to common fresh ür. In addition, or in connectiou with the causes abovo named. our literary classes also are compelled to enduie a vast amount of brain trouble from the lack of good sense ia thcir habita of study. The; should siinply let their brains rest while their gtomachs are at work, and thuir 6toinachs rest white their braiiis are at work. TOOTHACHE AND DYSPIirsiA. But we cannot leave the head wbca we leave tlie brain case, for thero are years of agony in nearly every man's mouth history. The decay of twth may not be wholly preventable with our present heredity, but I am positive'hatninotenths of our tootliaches are preventable by proper nirj from the outeet. Decay in teeth begins at a very early age, and uiight be prevented largely by the simplest mean. The causo is not always neglect of cleanlineas, but it is acidity of the stomach, caused by Lmprojier lood. A thoroughly sound digestión should be secured for every child. It is the one duty that precedes moráis, because a dyspeptic child cannot be a saint. ChurcU and Sunday school should be preceded by the toothbrush, and catecliism is moro than counterbalanced by cake and paatry. The tuajoiity of Americans suffer from catarrh. The discase is preventable, even in our worst climates, like that of Boston. It Ls ïhnost invaiiably the consequeiK-e of a neglected cold. Throat diseases follow in the same line. The throat should be clothed. Notwithstanding what many physicians urgo to the contrary, there is n reason why the neck should go bare, except when swaddled for u ritio ia winter. American typical neck is a nv.; one. It carries little fat. The ym;iI organs are close tö the surface. The ordinary scarf and collar li-:iv.' the neck almost (.intircly uneovercd. The 11 fasliioned stock wa8bettei". The modern liuen collar is littlc better thaa nothing; it should be dispensed with. WOOLEN FOB TUK NI ■ E. Wooten i iiiii!' as aecessai'y f or the neck as for the chest. TJie same lubes reaoh through, or inti. lx(h. vrliy should the lower end be abiuidaivtry clothed, and tie iiH'r entl cvxuöBëdï Consomption genêrally begins ;it tho throat unless it caused 1 general d.-vitalization. or poieoned nir, What we shoTllddemandof ourclothiers-is a elaasof wrappers and Bhirts that -;ii be brought well up about the throat. Froxn llie lt of October to the lstof June I wear an extra flannel collar, ni;il' tf) button over the other ftannel shirt collar, and thea turned down o i r : scarf. It thoroughly protecti the throaï and meet) overy ïequiremeni of thécaae; i-; lotli suit :ml warm, and nettt. It i-ml! im ortant that the tiu-oiit bc relie ved f rom the groes iritation of fashionable collars which BcraUh and poke at all points. Indeed, if you will consider, there is not a part of "the body w roughly and unkindly heated n.s the throai. tarched neckwear is fit onlv for fools. Our hing-ó will easüy fake care of i.hemGelves, and of all the rest of the body, if wafmly clothed with woolen and protectetl frorn foul air. 1 un oompelled, as a phyaician, to bi-eath air that I would not be able to live in by the liour. Ono house in ten is properly ventilated - not inore than that. Country houses mainly depend on the opening of dours. Worst of all is the air breathedatnight. Either the room is kept closed, and the lonlncss is breathed over all night, or;tlie window is ieft open, and the lungs must use Arcüc air at night while all day acciibtomed to the hot aluiosphere from stoves. On no account bhould the lungs be compelled to braco themsel ves to frigid air at night. Very uuny (;olds are caughtby these extremes, and one may count to a Certainty that, If practicad, the end will bo catarrhs. bronchitis or consumption. - in Globo-Democrat.


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