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"Good moraing. Jack ! why I havn't seen jou for a month past. What in the world is Ibe matter with you? You seem to have reuewed you youth." "Well, Phil, I have, Don't you rememfcer the last time I saw you, how miserable I wa-s? Sick and blue, and in that sort of mooil a mau gets sometimes wben he feels ike most noble thing in life is to go s'raight io the devil." 'Not so bad as that, I hope; at all events you didn't go that way, you are looking far fo happy and hearty . " Thank goodness, no! oi rather th?nk Vïnegar Bitters. Do you remember that day l saw you lat, when you recommended that rtedy to me so persistently, and X was ftrst exed and then half convincea?" "I remember it perfectly, and you needn't s.ay another word upon the subject; your looks teil me that you took the medicine." "Ko doubt of it; everybody remarks upon y improved looks and temper, but I must really teil you all about it. I got the oH syle, as you recommended, and didn't mind fee bitter taste at all. I finished the bottle in about two weeks, and was greatly impioved, so much so, that I determined to chance off and try the new style. 'Welt, how did you like it?" 'You told me your wife preferred ihe new rtyle, I believe; well, T mustsay I agree with iér. I like the old style very much, but Ihe M is a finer, smoother, more expensive preparación." "Ibelieve it is, in fact I have heard so, and I wonder ihe McDonald Drug Co., sell it for the same pnce they do the old style, ueaause it is really a very costly prepara tiott." __ "Well, thal doesn't concern us. Who was it said tbat p"ple fancied themselves pious soMetimes when thty were only billious? No matter! I was only gómg to say that I belive people often seem wicked when it is only their liver, or their stomach, or some her cantankerous organ of the body so out of order they couldn't be good if they tried." "And if all the miserable dyspeptics and . ictiras of billiousness, headache, and the thousand and one ills that flesh is heir to would only take Vinegar Bitters, what a happy world this would be!" "I should recommend the new style." 'T never go back on the old style." 'Well, they can pay their mony and take their cholee, forboth kinds work admirably." Only Temnernnce Bitters Knotrn. THEGREATBLOOD PUR1FIER Mi heaith restorer. Cures a!l kinds of head ache wrthin thirty miuutes-- Try itThe only Temperance Bitters knownstimulates the brain and quiets the nerves i-sgulates the bowels and renders a perfec Wood circulation through the human vem which is sure to restore perfect heaith. ftáf A keautiful bookfreeABORESS, R. H, McDOMALD DRUG CO 532 Washington St., New Yovk.


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