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Roy Hill is quite III of typhoid íever. The pay car left its favors here on Wednesday. O. B. Taylor, of Detroit spent ast Sunday here. John F. Lawrence, of Ann Arbor, was here Wednesday. Several Lyndon farmers have bought a car of western corn. Zach Spencer, of Fowlerville, was here on business Wednesday. John Cook, of Ypsilanti, spent several days up here this week. Large quantities of calves are being shipped to New York, and some poultry yet. It is remarkable that we are nearly half through the winter and have had no blizard yet. The sharp, freezing weather and cutting winds of this week have not been good for growing wheat. The attendance upon our school is unusually large, and excellent work is being done in all the departments. The farmers have about given up the idea of getting a dollar a bushei for wheat, and are beginning to sell at present prices. The winter has been very favorable so far for all purposes, and the general health of the people is much better about here than it was one year ago. The special meetings at the M. E. church last week were so successful and encouraging that they have been continued with good results this week. Prices are as high as could be expected on all farm products except hogs and cattle. These are kept down by the unending supplies of the great west. The going has been good the past week, and large quantities of ice, wood, saw-logs, hay, straw, grain and other farm produce have been brought to town. Prices continue about the same as last week.