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While cutting a big cypress tree near As...

While cutting a big cypress tree near As... image
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While cutting a big cypress tree near Astor, Fla., John Wilson found it occupied by a living alligator seven feet long. As the opening in the tree was not half large enough for the animal to get through, the prestunption is that it crawled in while quite young and lived on the other animáis and reptiles that sought refuge there. Baron Hirsch proposes to send to the Argentine Republic some half million of the Jewish victinis of Bussian persecution. President Pettigrini offers an asylum and active help to the thrifty immigrants, and it is said that Baron Hirsch is ready to spend $20,000,000 to carry out his plan. ' By a new military law in France all clergyruen under 3ó years of age are required to serve in the army. In consequence of this the Capnchin fathers are leaving their monasteries in large nmnbers and emigrating to Canada and the United States. All the forts and military establishments of Belgium have been connected with Antwerp by telephone. Special precantions have been taken to prevent an enemy tapping the wires in war time. The instrument used is a Dejongh microphone. During tho illness of the late Emperor Frederich it became so much the fashion to consult Dr. Morell Mackenzie that his professional incoine rose to an average oí' (1,31)0 a day.