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Bossy Climbed A Tree

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Ben Stanfield and others, while engaged in working in a large sycamore tree on the farm of W. H. McDonald, were astonished to find a calf in the hollow of the tree, thirty-five feet above the butt. The calf was alive and all righi. - Seymour Cor. Indianapolis Sentinel. The Decline of Rural Xew Kngland. Not only is the area of cnltivated land decreasing, but the land owners are sensibly narrowing their tülage. The land is growing poorer, partly from natural causes and partly from lesa careful working and the marked decrease in the amount of live stock kept upon it. The fact is, farming does not pay, especially if help must be hired to do a large part of the work. The farmer finds himself the victim of all the evils of a protective tariff without its supposed benefits. The promised home market he has found to bis cost, if not his ruin, is a delusion and a snare. If the manuf acturing centers in his vicinity have raised the price of some of his products they have advanced the cost of labor in a greater degree, and drawn to themselves the best brain and muscle from the farms. He is being heavily taxed for the benefit of the wh(L} list of these assistant industries that rob him of his working force, while the competition, intensified by laboi saving machines suited to the large prairie farms of the west and stimulated by lavish gifts of land to settlers and subsidies to railroads, ruinously reduces the prices of his products in his natural home market. He buys western flonr and western corn for his own consumption at a cheaper rate than he can produce them with hired labor, and by reason of the long winter is unable to compete with the west and south in caule raising for the eastern market at his door. Confining his attention te the few crops that, from their bulk 01 perishable nature, are not subject to the destructive competition of the west, the ordinary farmer merely lives and paya current expenses, while his less shrewd and careful neighbor falls behind each year, and sooner or later will be sold out