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An Inexpensive Trip To The Theatre

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"I took three persons to the theatre the ether night for ten cents and we all sat in the parquet, too," said the young man as he straightened tip after a difficult shot across the billiard table. "Deadhead?" asked several of the bystanders. " Well, yes and no. I had to pay a lot of car fares too. I had two tickets, but three of us had to go." "How d'you manage it? Teil us. Such a 'snap' is worth knowing how towork." "Well, you see, as I say, I had two deadheads and was going to take my wife, but when I got home at night I found my mother-in-law had dropped down on us, and we couldn't loave her home, so I conclnded I would take the two and leave them at the theatre and go out and play billiards all the evening. "So we went, and when I got there I asked the gateman to let me take them to their seats. He knew me and let me in. I saw an einpty seat beside them and stopped for a few minutes. The resnit was I staid throngh the play and it didn't cost me a cent." "But how about the car fares? Did you walk and let the other two ride only one way?" "Not a bit of it. We had to take fonr difEerent cars, and that made sixty cents." "Then how do you make out that it cost you only ten cents?" "Just this way. When 1 got home, on the sidewalk I found a fifty cent piece, so I was out only ten cents. It foots up this way, you see: The whole performance was worth $3.60. I had $3 worth of deadhead, $1 of cheek, fifty cents of luck, and the ten cents that paid for the whole I don't begrudge. "-


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