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Justice Pond sent three vagrants to jail yesterday. The poor expenses of last month in the eity amounted to $142.23. ■The republican county convention meets in this city Tuesday, February A. R. Hammond has been elected a trustee of the Congregational church. The first accident occurred on the street railroad yesterday when a dog was run over. Edwin Bennett died in Detroit Wednesday last, aged 77 years. He formerly resided in Dexter. The loss on Hon. John J. Robison's and furniture from fire last week, was adj usted at $427. The postoffice was closed for hree hours yesterday on account of Secretary Windom's funeral. It was voted last night to turn the $21,000 hospital bonds over to the University authorities at par. You should not miss seeing the Stereoptic views of the Passion Play at the Congregational church -this evening. Bills amounting to $3,901.77 were allowed by the council last night, of which about $1,500 was for street lighting. Dr. W. H. Dorrance has returned from Grand Rapids. He likes the electric system of street cars better than the cable. The second lecture in the Tappan course will be given at the Presbyterian church, next Sunday evening, by the Rev. Bronson. Larry Kahoe, of this city, is being treated with Koch's lymph in Harper's hospital, Detroit. It is to be hoped that he may recover. There were eight arrests during January, of which 4 were drunks, 2 vagrants, 1 larceny and 1 assault and battery. They were all found guilty. In spite of the overdrafts of #16,709.75 on the various city funds, treasurer Watts on Monday, had in the bank to the credit of the city i3j Mrs. Wesley Reeve, of Webster, died Sunday evening, of measles complicated with other diseases. She was thirty-seven years old. She leaves ahusband and an eleven-yearold boy. The famous Passion Play is to be given in the audience room of the Congregational church to-morrow night. There will be about 30 stereoptican views which will give a fair idea of the original play. Let everyone turn out. The Wadhams, Kennedy & Reule company have filed articles of association with the secretary of state, with a capital stock of $ 16,000. They will shortly open a clothing store in the Hangsterfer block. The members of the new firm are all well known here and all have had experience in the clothing business. The Unity Club has secured the services of James Kay Applebee for a lecture in University hall, February 17, for the benefit of the gymnasium fund. the subject of the lecture is "Dickens, sentimentalist and humorist." The Algonquin club has been so fortúnate as to secure the services of E. V. Hangsterfer as caterer for next Friday evening at Armoryhall, when their social hop occurs. Every other preparation has been perfected to make the occasion notable for rational enjoyment and to make it a green spot in the memory of the club and its friends.