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Colds are prevalent. The present light snow will be a good covering for the wheat and grass which, so far, looks well. The Patrons of Industry held a meeting on the evening of the 2d, in the school house of school district No. 3. There seems to be a cold wave in progress at present, judging by the way the weather acts. Snow an inch or two deep and wind howling like madness. Cari Avery, only son of William Avery, of York, died of typhoid fever Saturday morning, February 1 at 7:30 o'clock. The funeral services were held Tuesday. In respect to any death it may be said that there are certain feelings common or incident to all humanity which affect us all alike. They are to us as the verdure or greenness of the leaf. They appeal to us like the odor or fragrance of the flower. Welch Post No. 137, of Ann Arbor have secured some wild cherry to make canes which will be carried by the members of the Post at the coming encampment to be held at Detroit in August, '91. J. Fiegel is getting the canes ready, and like a generous hearted man will do the work gratuitously. As far as sawing out the stuff is concerned, others will complete the job in the same way.