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Keeping The House Warm

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How to keep the home warm is of ten as trying a problem to the homemaker as the summer task of keeping her kingdom cool. Especially is this true in our northern and north western states, where a biting ool.d- healthy though the crisp atmosphere may be - gets into the home in spite of glowing f urnace or overworked stoves. The windows are loose, the doors gape at their sides and bottoms, and the bleak wind sweeps in. While it is necessary to have ventilation in our homes, and few houses are built satisfaetorily in this respe├Ât, yet it is soarcely wise to have every casement so loose that no one can safely sit within three feet of it, or to allow evexy door to be so short that cold air pours continually on the feet. Care should be taken to remedy this, especially on the northern and western sides of the house. Rubber weather strips, which are fastened on with little brads and can be quickly removed, are an improvement on the strips of rubber and wood formerly used, and are made in different widths, from a quarter of an inch to two inches, selling by the foot. -