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Emma Abbott's Will

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Emma Abbott's will is a most pleasing surprise. The large property accuinulated by the singer is to be divided up in a wise that seems to us to be most just and sensible. The párente are handsomely provided for, so are the brothers and sisters, and soare the nephews and niecee; a suni aggregating about $350,000 is to be set aside for these purposes. Certain relatives of her husband are remembered and $5,000 ia bequeathed to Daniel A. Öonsidine, for a long time her confidential secretary. A number of charitable institutions come in for legacies, and nine churches, most of them located in New York, are to receive the som of $5,000 each. All Miss Abbott's rnusic, opera scores and private papers are bequeathed to Miss Alice Cafferty, of Jersey City, and from this we surmise that Miss Cafferty may contémplate a biography of her friend; such a work certainly shouldbeundertakenbysome competent hand.-