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Chicago, Feb. 8. The quotations on the board of trade to-day were as follows: Wheat- No. 2 B'ebruary, opeued !)6%c, closed 95%c; May, oponed SI. 01, closed Sl.OU; ,July, opeued 9liJ4c, elosed 95Jjje. Coru- No. ' í'ebruary, oponed b%c, closed olc; May, opened 64c, closed 53%c; July, opened 5i%c, closed 53c. Oats- No. 3 May, opened and closed 46J4c; June, opened io%c, closed 46c; July, opened 43"c, closed 43J4c. Pork- February, opeued $9.60, closed $9.65; March, opened $9.75, closed $9.80; May, opened $10.1., closed $10.12& LardFebruary, opened S5.75, closed $5.72Jí. Produce: Butter- Fancy separator, 26c; dairies, flnest, fresh, 18g0c; packing stock lü@llc. Eggs- Fresh candled, 23c per doz. Dressed poultry- Chickens, 88c per Ib; ducks, 9,Lllc; turkeys, 10@llc; geese, 6@8o Potatoes - White rose, 90?í$5c per bu; red rose 90c; Hebron, 85@9Jc; Peerless, 90@95o; Burbanks, 9095c, Sweet potatoes- Jerseys, S3.75 Oi.OÜ per brl; Illinois, $3.Ü02i3.5J. Apples- Cooking, 83.1X13)4.00 per brl; eating, $4.00@5.00; Michigan choice, 83.754.00; peddlers' stock, $1.502.50. Kew York. New York, Feb. 3. Wheat-No. 2 red winter cash, 81.11O1.UJÍ: do Mar-h, $1.10)4; do May, $1.07. CornNo. ' mixed csh, 52}í@5Sc; do May, 60)c. Oats- Quiet; No. 2 mixed cash, 52)b@53c; do May, 51c. Rye- Neglected. Barley- Neglected. Pork- Dull; mess, S11.5O@11.75 for new. Lard- Quiet; Feburary, $6.10; May, $6.34. Live stock: Cattle- Market flrm, but no trading in bee ves; dressed beef, steady; native sides. 6Jí@c ï Ib. SHeep and lambs- A flrmer feajing for desirable offerings, but prices were not quotably higherl sheep, $4.OÜ@.5.6O $ 100 lbs; lambs, $6.0J@6.85. Hogs- Nominally steady: live hogs, $3.40ft4.00 100 lbs. St Hiouls. St. Loots, Feb. 3. Wheat- Lower; cash, 99%@$1.00; May, 81.01)í; July, 90c bid. Corn- Lower; cash, 50J4c; May, 5151íc; July, . SlJác. Oats- Lower; cash, 45c bid; May, 46c. Pork- Lower; $9.75 9.87). Lard- Easier; $5.50. Whisky- Steady; $1.14. Detroit. Detroit, Feb. 3. Wheat- No. 1 white cash, ÍWJc bid; No. 2 red cash, $1.00-% bid; May, $1.0:% bid; July, 9494c bid; August, 92J4c bid. Corn- No. a cash, 52Jác asked; May, 54a Oats-No. 2 cash, 48c; No. 2 whita cash, 48c. Milwaukee. Milwaukee, Feb. 3. Wheat- Quiet; No. 2 spring on track cash, 85 @96c; May, 94); No. 1 northern, $1.00. Corn - Higher; No. 3 on track, 51@51Jio. Oats- Firm; No. 2 white on track. 47@47ic.