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A Domestic Trial

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Young Mrs. B is very fond of giving little dinners, and is very anxious that every detail should be flawless. Sbe was entertaining a couple of friends in her favorite way the other night, and the chickeiis were brought upon the table roasted to a turn. As the host thrust his carver into a joint a puzzled look spread over his face, wbich was anxiously observed by his wife. Finally there was no bearing it in silence, and Mr. B turned to his better half inquiringiy. Mrs. B remarked uneasily: "I cannot understand it; Blank has never treated me before like this. His poultry is alvvays to be relied upon. Mary," turning to the waitress, "did the cook order roastin chickens?" "Sure and indadeshe didl" Mrs. B turncd to her guests appealngly: "Does your butcher ever do such a thing? Mary, are you sure she said roasters, not fowls?" "And indadeitought tobe sure Oiam, for Oi sez it mesilf. Bridget left the kitchen, mum, and she sez to me, she sez, 'Mary, be sure to order two foine plump roosters,' and it's two foine plump roosters I axed for." "And it's two 'foine plump roosters' he brought." said the host. Mrs. B 's chagrin could not withstand he outburst of merriment that followed his


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