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President Angelí had the misfortune to sprain his ankle last week. John Dunlavey, a highly esteemed citizen of Hamburg, died Friday night. Rev. Mills Gelston preached in the first Presbyterian church in Detroit Sunday. The democratie county convention has been called for Thursday, February 19. Hon. John F. Finnerty, of Chi: cago, will deliver the Washington birthday address before the law department this year. A social tea will be given by the ladies of the Presbyterian church at six o'clock next Thursday evening to which everybody is invited. The last hop before Lent, atGranger's academy of dancing, will be held this Tuesday evening. These hops are deservedly popular. S. H. Dimick, an Ypsilanti druggist of forty years standing, died yesterday morning of congestión of the lungs, aged sixty-eight years. Chelsea sent a vagrant to jail Friday for ten days for drunkenness. He was convicted under the state law, not under a village ordinance. A large audience attended the lecture by Rev. Mr. Bronson, in the Tappan lecture course last Sunday evening in the Presbyterian church. Dr. W. W. Nichols has received $150 in settlement of his suit against the American Express Company, for peaches spoiled by a delayed shipment. John J. Robison, of Ann Arbor, came near being cleaned out by fire last week. With his overflowing humor and native wit, we presume he saw something funny in even this disaster. - South Lyon Picket. Mrs. Adam Goetz died Friday of heart disease, aged twenty-nine years. Her maiden name was Birk and she had been married only four months. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon from Bethlehem church. The lecture of James Kay Applebee, in University Hall, on Tuesday evening of next week, on "Dickens, the Sentimentalist and Humorist," will be well worth hearing. The entire receipts go to the "gym f und. ' ' Tickets are on sale at Sheehan'sand Wahr's. Frederick Schmid, the president of the Allmendinger Piano and Organ company has just placed a new Mehlin piano in his parlor, one of the handsomest pianos ever seen in this city. It is fïnished in natural San Domingo mahogany and is beautiful in tune as well as appearance. A telegram has been received at Delhi Mills containing information of the death of Charles F. VanCourt, who was killed at Eureka, Manitoba. The telegram was addressed to Miss Minnie VanCourt, Delhi Mills, who could not be found. If any friend should see this item, they can learn the particulars of the telegraph operator, of Delhi Mills, or Miss Waldo Schaffee, Eureka, Manitoba. Dr. Heneage Gibbes returned last Friday from Albany, where he hac delivered a lecture before the New York state medical society on his new method of treating consumption. He was in a railroad collision on the North Shore while East but escaped with only a slight blow on the head. Several were killed. The New York physicians listenec with great interest to his theories as to the cause of consumption and his method for its cure and many feil in with his ideas, during theinteresting debate which followed the reading of his paper.