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Druggist Who Disagree

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A correspondent of a St. Petersburg contemporary has published the resnlta of an inqniry he made into druggists' charges, and by so doing he haa cansed fear and trembling ainong the apothecaries of the city, who dread some government order on the subject. The inqniring individual presented to fiftyTrine different apothecaries a prescriptkm fox a solution of boracic acid 1,000 grammes in qnantity and 3 per cent. in strength. For this he was charged varioaa prices from thirty kopecks up to a rnble (100 kopecks), and even up to one ruble seventy-siz kopecks. And he made the solntion at home for abcrat two or three kopecks. This was bad, but worse follows. There was as great variety in strength as in cost, for out of fif ty-nine druggists there were eight different ways of reading 3 per cent. In the 1,000 grammes of there was anything from half an ouiice to three ounces ol


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