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Mortgage Foreclosure. DBFACTLT hnviny been made in the conditions ol' a certain moi'tiruue, benrioff date ihe first day of DeoemtüDr, 187S, made aixi nxocuted by Chrfwtian Sanzl ana Cliribtiana Eanzl. hls wlfe, lth of Ann Arbor, Michigan, to HmanuclIJeck. of the same pluce. and recordad in LlberBl, page 57a, oC MortgaKes, in tbe Office of (ho Register of Deeds lor Washteuaw County, Stateof Michiirau, on the flrst day of December, 1875; on wjiich Mortgnge there ia cliiimed to be duo at tho dte of fhis notice the sum of Pourtien Hundred and Thirteen Dollars and flfty-flve cents, and do puit or proceeding at, law orin equity been instituted to recover ihe same or any part thereof ; and said Mortgage havinjr been du assigned by tlie suid Emauuel Ileck to John W.Beck and by the said John W. Beek to Christlana Sanzi, by deeds of assignment duly recorded: Now, therefore, notice is hereby given. that on öaturday, March 14. 1891. at the south door of the Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, (the s Ud Court House belng the place and building whcre the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw is held), by virtue of the power of sale in said Mortgage contained and in pursuauce of the statute in such cases made and provided; I shall sell at public vendue. to the highest bidder, the property described in said raorteage, or so mueh thereof as may be nee. essary to pay the principal and interest of said mortgage, together with an attorney's fee of Twonty-flve dollars, as provided for in said mortirage, also all costs and expenses of this foreclosure. Said premises are descrlbed in said mortgage as "The East twenty (3ü) feetiu width ofif from lot number flve (5) in block number two (2) South of Huron street, range number four (4) east, in the City of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, State of Michigan." CHRISTIANA SANZI, D. Cbamkr, Assignee of Mortgage. Attorney for Assignee. Dated Ann Arbor, December 15, 1890. EEPOET OF THE OONDITION or the H & MUS' W -AT- ASI ARBOR, MICHIGAN, at the close of bunineu, OCTOBKB 2nd, 1880. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $21?, "03 'Si Stocks, hond, mortgages, etc 7ö,K81 SC Jverdrafl ï,07S88 Due from banks in res8rve cities 25,979 Í Due from Washtenaw Co 17,595 51 Rillsiu transit 4,918 TS Furnlture and flxtures 3,000 00 Jurient expenses and taxes paid 951 H2 interest paid 1,190 26 ühecks and cash items.. _ S25 19 ïïickels and pencies 160 09 Gold 6,538 4 Silver 1,237 4 TT. S. and National Bank notes 18,133 00 Total tS68,91T97 UABILITIES. Capital Btock paid in $ S0,000 08 Surplus fund 10,000 60 CTudivided profita 6,04820 Commercial deposita 257,224 17 SaviDga deposita. 41,797 86 Due to banks and bankers 847 74 Total $368,917 97 STATE OF MICHIGAN, „ County of Waahtenaw, i B8' I, Frederick H. Belser, Caahier of the abOTe oamed bank, do solouinly swtar that the above statement ia true to the best of my knowledge and belief. F. H. Bslser, Cashiet. Subscribed and sworn to before me this ele venth day of October, 18W. Wm. W. Whedok, Notary Publie. Cobrkct- Attest : Chas. E. Gkjcene,) Junius E. Real, -Direotors. Reuben Kempf, ) FORT WAYNE Oil CÈ lei! Oil Extracted by Pressure. Superior to anyother. BES! SÍiTÍTpOISALT. LUMP SALT F01HC08te18e aDd Saginawand Fine Barrel Salt Syracuse. . ♦ . Diamond . -p. . a. Crystal. Fine Dairy Salt. FOR SALE AT Rogers' - Agricultural - Warehouse 27 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. ■ I November 30, 1890. USUOll; húw and Northern Railroad. STATIONS. A.M. P.M. I P.M, P.M. Leave Howell June... 10:25 4:41 8:30 Arr. South Lyon 10:50 5:17 8:51 Plymouth 11:10 5:42 9;14 Detroit 11:55 6:30 10:05 Leave Howell June... 8:50 12:57 6:33 8:04 Arr. Lansing 10:00 2:28 7:40 9:30 Grand Ledge.-. 10:30 2:55 8:12 9:55 " LakeOdessa... 11:10 8:50 Grand Rapids.. 12:10 9:50 lonia 11:25 3:50 9:16 P.M Greenville 12 22 4:57 10:13 Howard City... 1:00 5:8) 10:55 .. Pil HAM January 4. 1891. Üilwgy and West Michigan RiilraatL STATIONS. A.M. P.M. P.M, P. M. Leave Grand Rapids.. 9:00 l;00 5:05 8:40 Arr. Holland 9:55 1:40 6:00 9:35 Grand Haven.. 10:37 3: 6:40 10;lS Muskegon 11:05 4:20 7:10 10:45 A.M. P.M. Leave Grand Rapids 7:25 5:05 Arr. Newayg-o 8:52 6:32 WhiteCloud 9:15 6:55 Big Rapids 10:15 8:05 " Baldwin 10:20 8:15 " Ludington via p.m. F, &P. M 12:25 10:20 " Manistee via M. &N. E 12:20 10:00 " Traverse City 12:35 10:35 Parlor Cars on all trains between Detroit and Grand Rapids. Rate, 25c for any distance. Free Chair cars between Grand Rapids and Manistee . Leave Grand Rapids 5.05 P. M. The "Favorites" between Detroit. Grand Rapids and all points in Western and Northern MÍOhÍganGEO. DKHAZEN. General Passenger Agent. - - #HNb Snns Httle fortune hare been made at 1 rffijÉflfjpIgjjMiJ.i you'y Somc rnrn over 5lÜ.OO a I 7 SgHHiiioiilh. 5" on eau ilü tlie vork. and Jiv 1 77 DwfflpiïiiiiKr nrc -nH eiirtitnft from #6 to JKv lïa day. AH apr. We sliow you how Tl tf . Tf ad tni't you. Can WOrk 11 -pare tim j 5 .JJfflM1 r n11 ''"' l11? luuner for work1SMPtf' N BW and wonderful. Particular fr. U.lIullettV t'o., It4x. HHi IrtlMDl,Mttino