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A Diamond Thief Trapped

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Thfj,. manager of one of the largest ewelxy stores in the city was speaking af 8ome experiences he had liad with diamond thieves. Said he: Of course we are familiar with the faces of a great inany of the most expert thieves who piek np liamonds and jewelry while eiamining them under pretensa of buying, but naturaUy our knowledge is limited, and great care is exercised when exposing precions stones. I keep all the loose diamonds in my private office and attend to their sale myself , bnt this is rather a dangerous policy. Qnite recen tíy a man carne in and asked to see some unset diamonds, and without the slightest suspicion I brought him in here and spread out a number of papers of very valnable stones. I was seated in a revolving c'oair. and I-ad occasion to turn my back on h.m tor a mome-it, and when I looked around again I discovered that twi) valuable stones were missing. Very quietly I folded up the papers, leaving the one from which the stoaea iad been taken until the last. Then saying carelessly that I had something else to show him, I tarned to a drawer ji my desk and got my revolver. 'Thia 3 what I wanted to show you, and now nst pat back those two diamonds,' said L He looked at me f or a moment, said something about insulting a gentleman, at he saw the revolver looking ve'y dangerons, and finally produced t e