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October Service Update

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 12:44pm by richretyi

Service Update

AADL is pleased to announce several new and expanded additions to our COVID-19 Public Services. Let us know if you have any suggestions, and thanks for your patience as we adapt to changing public health conditions!

MeLCat Resumes October 5
You can once again request books from other libraries in Michigan via the MeLCat network. MeLCat pickups work like all other AADL pickups, with contactless lobby pickup appointments scheduled for AADL locations. Pre-COVID MeLCat requests will need to be canceled, but we'll send you the titles if we have to cancel any of your MeLCat requests, so you can replace them if you still want them.

Printout Pickup
Need something printed but don't have access to printer? We're happy to help! Visit, and upload the things you'd like printed. Printouts are usually ready for pickup the next weekday. Need help with sending your print request? You can always email us at or text or call 734-327-4200 and we'll help.

Shelf Service
Not sure what you want to check out? Fill out a Shelf Service request and AADL staff will browse the shelves for you and fill a bag with just what you're looking for. Choose your pickup date and location when you make your request.

Art Prints and Tools Pickups
We're now circulating art prints and smaller tools will start going out in October. We're sorry, but Oversize Games won't be available for pickup until Spring 2021.

New Lockers at Traverwood and Westgate
Twenty new outdoor lockers are now available at Traverwood Branch, with 20 more set to come online this fall at Westgate. When they're ready as pickup destinations, you'll see the lockers as a location option when making pickup appointments.

Bulletin Boards and Periodicals
Bulletin boards will be installed inside each AADL location so they're visible from the outside. These will hold promotional flyers and notices from the community as they did before. Newspapers like The Michigan Daily and The University Record will also be available in lobbies, along with local publications, and periodicals like the League of Women Voters voter guide and AAATA The Ride bus schedules. Want to post something on these Bulletin Boards? Email your flyer to for approval and distribution.

New York Times Online Access
Explore instantly with your AADL card. Visit and log in using your AADL username and password to access all the regular newspaper content, view videos and photos, and access the TimesMachine—an archive of New York Times journalism from 1851-2002. can also be read in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

Bookable Zoom Meeting Rooms
Don't cut your video meetings and hangouts short—book an AADL Zoom Meeting Room for up to 2 hours for up to 1,000 attendees. Book your Zoom Meeting Room now for your meeting by emailing

No Computer Help Line
Do you have an essential task that requires you to get online, but don't have a computer or way to access the internet? We can help! Text or call 734-327-4200 to get started.

Summer Game Orders
Summer Game orders begin processing in early October, with pickup appointment emails sent out once orders are complete. Summer Game pickups will work the same way all materials pickups do, with contactless lobby pickup appointments sent out and players choosing the date and location of their pickup. Thanks for your patience as we've gotten these produced and ready to ship!

Stay tuned to for more service updates, and as always, feel free to email , text or call 734-327-4200, or contact us online with questions, concerns, suggestions, or other feedback. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for using your Library!


Yippee!!! MELCat is back - and all the other cool stuff. We can't wait to have the libraries open fully again! I miss all the friendly staff (I get to see some via Zoom when I pick up my holds, but it's just not the same!)

Any idea when the library will be hiring again? I know someone who has been out of work for over four months and really needs a job.

Thank you all for your support and great feedback! It helps us all.
We don't know when we will post positions again, but we will. In the meantime, we hope all the best for your friend.

Hi there, Interlibrary Loan via MeLCat is now available again. However, "traditional" ILL service is still very spotty because many libraries are not yet participating in filling requests from other institutions. We don't anticipate that traditional Interlibrary Loan service will resume at AADL in 2020. Thanks for your patience!

I appreciate your CREATIVE public service. I feel so lucky to be a beneficiary of THIS library's excellence!

I was just saying that I wish I could just pick some random books of a shelf for my toddler instead of having to look up books and individually request them. Thank you for offering this service!

I just tried to request a book via MELcat and it said my card # was invalid. So I clicked their link to see if AADL was a participating library and it said "no". What shall I do now to get that book?
p.s. thanks for an excellent summer game - particularly the Get Out and See the AA Parks badges!

Hi there, we'll email you about this, we were able to log in using your card number. That page where it lists AADL and has No in both columns is a list of libraries who are participating in the MeLCat. The No columns are for optional parts of the MeLCat service. Sorry for the confusion!

Yes! The first orders were filled today (10/14) and those lucky players will get a notice tomorrow morning that their order is ready for a pickup to be scheduled. You'll have until the end of November to schedule your pickup. We'll be filling orders almost every weekday and we hope to have all the orders filled before Thanksgiving. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for all your hard work and creative ideas. I love the NY Times access. And I'm thrilled that MELCat is back.

I love the idea of Shelf Service but it seems to have some kinks to work out. For the most part, the items I received were the exact opposite of what I asked for. I almost felt like I was being pranked.

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