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Week Two Reopening Details: Starting June 22

Wed, 06/10/2020 - 3:14pm by richretyi

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We're already looking ahead to the second week of our reopening plan—starting June 22. In our first week (June 15-21) we're accepting returns and testing pickup appointments with select patrons with materials already on our hold shelves. 

Highlights starting June 22:


When we expanded Pickup Appointments on June 22, we'll start with items that were ready for pickup when we closed our doors in March, then resume filling unfrozen requests in the order they came in.

When you unfreeze your requests, you'll get a notice when your request is almost ready, inviting you to schedule a pickup appointment. You'll also get a reminder of your pickup appointment when your items are checked out for you and waiting for pickup. In this second week of reopening, we're working through this process, so bear with us while we process returns and start fulfilling requests again. We'll have more information available as we ramp up this service.

If you have questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to email, or call or text us at 734-327-4200.

All requests have been frozen! As we get ready to reopen, we've frozen all outstanding requests. You'll continue to move up the queue while your requests are frozen, but we won't process a request until you've unfrozen it in your account. This is to give you a chance to prioritize the items you really want to pick up, and doesn't flood the system with unwanted requests.

Unfreeze your requests to get them as soon as possible, or cancel them if you don't want them anymore. You can freeze or unfreeze your requests on your my account page, or dm, call or text 734-327-4200 or email For more information on how frozen requests work, click here.

In the interest of keeping everyone safe, we're limiting contact between staff and patrons in all our locations. AADL Help Screens will be set up facing the door in each pickup lobby. An AADL staff member will help patrons via video—answering quick questions about the pickup process or other Library account issues. Help Screens are mostly there to answer immediate questions and help patrons move promptly through the building to keep everyone safe.

Starting June 22, you can return items to any AADL location using interior or exterior returns slots, as well as return Tools, art prints, and oversize items.  

Check your due dates! Nothing is due until July at the earliest. Each account will have all its currently checked out items due on a random Monday in July (beginning July 13) or August to spread out the due dates. Check your My Account page to see when your materials are marked due. Please don't worry about any overdue fees for the forseeable future. We're all getting used to this new way of service! If you have a question about a due date or a fee, please dm, call or text 734-327-4200 or email

For more details on each phase of our reopening plans, please visit our main reopening plans blog post by clicking here.



Thank you! So glad you're starting processing requests this week! My three young eager readers are ready for new books. :)

Yes, you should be able to log in at under my melcat and cancel your request... however it is probably already gone. MeLCat canceled all outstanding requests. We're keeping them on our system so we can recreate them for patrons once MeLCat allows requesting again. If you don't want it anymore, just and we can remove it from your account manually. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you so much! We are so excited to be able to borrow books again. I was wondering if you recommend a waiting period between pick up and reading the books, whether we should wait 24 hours or longer before handling the books. Thanks you again.

That’s totally up to you. Materials are quarantined 3 days after being returned, and then are only handled by staff wearing masks and gloves. But they are shared items that you pick up from a public building. You’re of course welcome to take any other precautions you’d like after picking them up.

Just a suggestion, since most of us will end up following the same rules of quarantining the books (leave them aside for a day or two) when we check them out from the library, is it possible to extend the loan period from the usual 4 weeks to 4.5 - 5 weeks? That will give most of us a safe period to quarantine and then read the books as well? Thanks!

Hi there, this is not as straightforward on the back end as you might imagine, so we do not plan to make this change. However, we are not currently charging any overdue fees, so just keep your items a few days more if needed and return it when you're done. Thanks for asking!

Here is a question on pick up. On my account it says the book on hold needs to be picked up by Wednesday, the 15th, but when I go to choose a pick up date, I can choose one as late at the 20th. Do I only have until the 15th or can I pick a day beyond that? Thanks!

Thanks for asking! You can choose any date on the form. You have until the 15th to schedule a pickup for that item, but we base your available pickups on the latest item you're booking for to make it as easy as possible to schedule your pickups. So you can choose any date it offers with confidence! But if your item makes it past the "schedule by" date without a pickup being scheduled, then it will expire. Does that help? Great question!

Sorry for the delay. We don't have more overdue items than normal. Lots of items are not yet due, but we are also working through a list of over 20,000 requests to fill. Thanks for your patience as we work to get caught up, and thanks for using your library!

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