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AADL Open-Source Software

We do quite a bit of software development at AADL, and some of the work we've done may be of interest or use to other libraries. Our website is powered by the completely awesome open-source CMS Drupal, and much of our development takes the form of drupal modules. We also run Innovative Millennium (Triple-I), so many of our drupal modules use shared code libraries or PHP classes that we've developed to interface with our III server. Here are several tools you may be interested in, especially if you've got PHP experience or are running III.

These files are all released under the GNU Public License, so they're yours to use and remix however you'd like, but use must be attributed, and resultant works cannot be sold. Also, feel free to if you have questions about these projects, but please understand that we cannot provide tech support for this software.

Thanks for your interest, and enjoy!

  • III-PatronAPI: This is a PHP script that interfaces with III's optional web-based PatronAPI module and makes that data more easily available to PHP projects.
  • III-XMLOPAC: This is a PHP5 Class that uses III's XMLOPAC to return a bib record as a PHP array when passed the bib number.
  • SOPAC & Middleware source code: SOPAC is what we call our social features on our public catalog. It includes the ability to add ratings, reviews, and tags to items in the catalog and integrates with our drupal patron account module.
  • PatREST Documentation: PatREST is a RESTful interface to information about your account, protected by a hashed token for security.
  • azImgSrc: a PHP script that retrieves an ASIN for a III Bib # then caches the cover art for that ASIN in a MySQL database.
  • iii-vcards: a PHP script that creates virtual card catalog cards with the option to display marginalia.
  • ISBN tool: A set of functions that help manage 10 and 13 digit ISBN numbers.
  • Term Lib: A PHP class for automating terminal commands, contains a sample function for setting a PIN in Millennium.
  • Quartz Composer files - screen savers that access and display circulation data for Mac OS X.