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The peculiarities of this Chemical Compound, are owing to itsexiraordinary effects upon the animal libre or nerves, ligaments and rnusclea, its virtues being carried by them to tbe immediate seat of Sisease, orof pain and weakness. tíbwever good any internal remedy raay be this as an external application, will prove a powerful auxilary, in removing the disease and facilialing the cure, in case of Local In flamation, Scroffulous Affections, King's Evi!, Gout,Inflamtory,and Chronic Rlieuraatism, and in alocases where seated pain or weakness exists. Ageutlemen travelling in the South of Europe, and Palestine, in 18S0, hcard ao much said in the lalter place, in praise of Jew David's Piaster; and of the (as he considereci miraculous cures it performed, that he was induced to try it on lus owa person, ' for a Luug and Liver aifectionjthe removal of which had been the chief object oí hisjour-? ney, but which had resisted the geniul influence of that balmy and deücious climatc- He put oue over the región of the liver; in the mean time he drank freely of an herb tea of laxativo qualilies. He soon found his health inproving; and in a few weeks Lia cougti lefthiro, the sallowness of his skin disappeared, his pain was removed, and bis health becatne uermanently re-instated.It has likewise been very benefícial in ca ses of weaktiess, such as weaknes and pain in the stomacb',"weak Jimbs, Jameness, and 8ffection8 of the spine, female weaknes6,fcc. No female subject topain or weakness ín tbe back or side should be without il. Warried ]adies, in delicate situations find great relief from constantJy nearing this pla6ter. No puffing, or grcat notorious certificates is iutended. Those who wish to satisfy themselves of the efficacy ofthis piaster, can oblain sufficient to spread 6 or 8 piasters for 50 cents, a sum not haJf Bufficient to pay for the insertionof a single certifícate into any of our ruost comraon prints, a single time.-tliistrifling price per box is placed upon i(, in order that it may be within the means of every afflicted son and diiughter of the communityjthatall.whelherrich orpoor.may obtain the treaeure of healtli, whicb result 'rom its use.Jevv David's or Hebrew PlaBter, ia a cerain cure t'or corns Directions accompany each box. Price oO rents. Doolit'.le Si Ray, agents for Michigan. Country agents 6upphed by M. W. Birch rd fc Co., Detroit. Sold by Dr. McLean ackBon; Dewey & Co., Napoleon: D. I)' iief, Manchester; Ellis Ét Pierson, Clinton Hall, Leoni; G.G. Grewell, Grasa Iake Keeler &t, Powera, Concord. Ann Arbor, May 12, 1841. tf In order thatthis valuable medicine should not be counterfeited, we have aplate representing a persian scène, that is struck on each bill, one of which accompanies each box. We doem it unnecessary to pulilish a long list of certifícales, as thcy will neitlier add to nor diminish ihe virtues of this admirable compound. Superior to tho Kygeian,Brandreth's,Evan' tomatto, the Maichloss (pnced) Sanative, or any other Pille, or Compound, before tho public, as certified to bv Physicians and others. Let none condemn them until they have tried them, and they will nol. It is now a sellled point wilh all who have U8ed the Vegetable Persian PilJs, that they are preeminently the best and most tificacious Famiïy medicine, that has yet been ueed in America. If every f'amilv cuuld becorne ncqnainted wttrj their Sovêreign Pow er over disease, they would seek them and be prepared with a sure retnody to npply on the firal appearanceof disease? and then how much distreee would be avoided and money saved, as well as lives of thousands who are hurried out of time by neglecting disease in ita first etages, or by not being in possession of a remedy which they can place depcnilcnce upon. All who wish lo guard against sickness, should use the Persian Pilis freely, wheii needed, no injury can ensue, if nsed from youth to oíd age, wben taken according to the diroctions. CERTiFICATES. Rochester, Sept. 18-10. Messrs E Chase SfCompany: - Gents. Sirs: - This is to infonn y.ou that wo haveused your Vegetable Pcreian Pilis for a year past, in our praclice, and are, wel) pleased wilh their operation. Beüeving ihem to fulfil their advertisment, in answering as a subslitute where calomel is indicated, we can recommend them to the pablic. Drs Brown, M'Kensie, & Haistcd. Rochester, 1840. TO MOTIIERS. Messrs . E, Chase $ CoGente. - Hearing much said about extraordinary effects of the Resurrection or Persian Pilis, upon those about to become MoUi ers, we were inuceVl to raake a trial of them. My vvife was at íhat timo a mother oi"5 childrcn, nnd had suifered the moet ex excuiciating puina du ring and afterherconfinement of each. ;i She had tried every means and taken nmch medicine, but found little or no rolief. She commenced tviking the Persian Pilis about 3 mo. before herconfinement (lier health boing very poor about this lengthoi time previous,) and soon after was enabled by their use to a:tend to the cares of a mother to her family until her confinement. At the time 6he commenced taking the Persian Pilis, and for several weeks pro.vious, wilh a dry hard cough, and í'requently soveré crainpá. which ÜitTuse of the pills eniirely rernuveJ before using half a box. It is with gre;it coníidence íTiat we advise ail those abmit to bëeoinü Mulhers to makeuseof the Porsian Pii!3. A!l those that huve taken thum in our neighborhood, have got alung in ihe same easy manner, and tre abouc the house in a few days. Thcro does not ippear to be half the dnger of other difticulties setting in nfter confine ment where those Puls are taken. We unitedly say, let none neglect taking ti.ein for they are in the rench of tho poor as well as the rich. We are truly thankful thatis a remedy which females can easily procure which bids tu lessen the world of suffering, which many of them have to bcar, and perhaps save the lived of thousands which otherwise would be lost. Rodiester, May lltb, I84ü;:cornei ofCal edonia square, Edingburg eírcst. Fur pnr ticulare; see subscr'-bers. S. ROBERTS, A. O. R0JÍKRT8. i Gents. - I wish you to eend a qnantity o jyour Pursinn Pilis tu tliis place, fur I am sure they would ir.eot wnh a ready sale. Alv !brother-in-iaw while passing tliroi.-h you" place heard so mach suid in their beha)f.'th;:t fae was induced to prchcse4 boxes; and may eafely say that they have done more fo myselfand a -half sister of mine, than $400 which I had paid to Doctors, nnd tbr othe various prescriptions and medicines. I have used 28 boxes of Brandreth's Pilis, wJiicf gave me sorae partial relief. Biit vour Pilis wcnt ricrht anead lifce a man of war Wha passea orr louK.-a luce ínK. My disoase has been named differently by every Physician but my idea is that it was a general vrtias of the fluids which produced symptoms of al most every diaease. lt would be too tedious for rae to givegive you a history of all my difficulties. I was weak.dnll, stupid and reduced to a skeleton. All hopes of beinorestored had been given over, except by wv brother-in-law. 1 took two boxes ofyour Pilis, and am ab!e to perform my duties in tho counting room. My sister was consumptive- herliver was much affecfed, her legs swelleda harsh cough constantlv troubled her. One box ofyour Pilis entiroly reheved her from all those symptoms - lam aboutto remove to Burlington, and would wish an arreney, &c STiíPüEN B. LÜTHER.Ja. FEVER fc AGÜE, CHILL FEVER fac.i nose in noïiin ivtío live in marshy comitrtes, and unheildiy cliruates, can avoidihe diseaseto which their siiuations are subject, by taking the Persian pilis once, nnd in soniü nstanens perhsps twice n week to cleanse the eystem and purify t f,om ihe small accumulation of effluvia, which causes the different diseases, in different situations of the country. Those whofinddisense fast inoreaeinupon them ehould lake 6 or 8 pilJe on boos to bed, which will generally opérate as a gentle emetic and cathartic; after which oontmue the use of them in smaller doses as recommended m the other large bill. Tboso whü follow this course will find them a sure and never preventivo. Tbose whose diseases are stubborn, should :ake a sulïicient quantity ofthe pilJs to vomit them once or Iwice, eay every tbird niht til! their diseaae is subdued. then t;ike them n smaller doses until every vestige of it is exterpatcd. Be no longer imposed upon by "Tonic Mixtures," "Tonic Bitten," or any medicine recommended to break the Feyer and Ague; as they all contain more or lessine ant! arnsnic, whicb, if thfey break the ! gue, injuro the constitutio, oftcn causing ihe patients to linger out a miserable exis ' tence, subject to cvery other disease. These pilla do not break the Ague leaving the scattered frng;men.t3 in the uyatem, to show themselvcs in ever other form, butby their cleansing propertieö they root out every vesligo of disease, leaving the eystem free and healthy. and the conslitulion not only unitnpaired bot improved Thoee who wish a tonic biter can make a iiiost excellent one after tho receipt that accompanies each box of pills. üoolittle and Ray, State Agents for Michigan. Orders addreesed to M. W. Birchard i co., will rcceive attention. Sold by Doet. Mc.Loan Jackaon; Dewy k. co., Napoleon; Ellis & Pearson, Clinton ï. D. Kief, Manchester; T. Huil, Leoni; C. G. Grevell, Graes-Lake; Keeler &. Powers Concord. For removingdiseases arising from an abuse of Mercury, chronic and constitmional diseases, euch as scrofula or king's cvil, Becondary syphillis, ulcerations, corrosionsof Uio throat. nose, chceks, lips, eors and other pari9 of the body, eruptions on the skin, rheumatic affections, white fiwellings, pains in the bones and joints, lever sores, obstinate old sores, 8called head, salt rlieum, ring worm and other diseases arising frorn an unpure state of tlio blood. Also, habitual costivoness, piles, chronic affections of the Iiver,hng3 and chest, pains in the stomnch and sidea, night sweats, &ic. I; is likevvise much recommunded as a cleansing spring medicino. Thiscompound fluid extract is Alteratiye Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Laxativo, Arometie, and slightly stimulent, and tnay be used succcssfully in scroffulous and syphiloid diaeases, and that shattered state of the eoustU tution wliich 60 often follows the abuse of mercury, oxotoses or tnorbid enlargement of the bonos, supiginous mustulcs of ringsvorm; ulcerations generally; caries of the hones; cartileges of the nose, moulh, with the other diseases above mentioned, and all diaeaes arising from a morbid state of the biood. Thcre is hardly a physiciun who hasnot had occasion to observe with pain, the, phog edenic vnriety of herbs; and in spite of all their remedies he could bring againat this cruel d6ease, was compelled to acknowledge their inefficacy and allow the monster to corrode and destroy the nose, cheeks, lips, eyeltds, care and temples; parts of which tliis malady generally affects a preference. But in this extract, will be fouud a perfcet rentcdy, in all such cases, and where the disease has not produced a very great derangementof structure, it will even yield to this remedy in a very short lime. Within a very short poriod, ihere has been great improvements in France, on the pharmacoutical and ehemical treatment of Sarsa parilia, and it has been fully proved that nine.tenth8 of the active principies of thai valuable root is actually lost in tho usual mode of preparing it for medical use. The compound extract being a very nice jhannaceutical preparation, requires the most rigid care and slcilful in-.m age ment, and not without strict reference to the peculiar active principie of each of lts constit uents. The French chemists have ascertain ed by actual experiment, that the activo srincipie of SarsagLs either destroyed ay ehemical chEM driven oft' by the ieat of boilinglj Ronsequently the pt-eparations froa Hbt in general use, (which are also freqlmly prepared by persons'unacquainted with plmrmacy, and from materialá rendered inert by age or otherwise,( can have littlo or no effect upon the system. G. W-j iM. ftaking advantage of those fácts has adopted an improved procesa for cxtracling tho medical virtues from the active ingredients of this compouud fluid extract, which are nine in numbor, without heat; that is to say neither cor.coction, infusión, or maceration are made use of; nor ig the ternperature of the menstrum allowed to exceed 80 degroes Fah. until every partiële of active principie is exhausted, leaving a tasleless mass behind; thereby obtaining the wholeofthe solul)le active principie in a highly concentratod state, leaving out the fecula woody fibre, fee, which encuinbers the extract obtuined by decoction. The proprietor therefore has not only the satisfaction of assuring the medical facuhy and the public, that this remedy is prepa'red according to stnet chennca-} and pliarmaceutica! rules, but that he ulso united some of Hm nfRnio.ale valuable and active vegitables, all of ihe choicest selection which matenally enhances its value n the treatment of the dieeases ahove named. He is therefore induced to offer this fluid extract to physicians and oth era under thefulle3t conviciion of its mipenority over thal in common use. Physicians vvlll find great advantage in me use of tbis extract, and a great relief "rom the perplexities attendant upon the treatment of thosc obstinate cases which l)io dcfiance to every remedy; their confi. dence prompts them to proscribe such a diét and régimen as in their judgement the case would seem to indícate;- thereby eivmg the extract its futí influence. Th 8 extract ie pre pa red from the best seoctod materials, without heat, by an jmproved procesa; on an account of which it 9 preferred by physicians as being more active than any othsr now before the public. Prepared at the Cheroical Laboratory of Cr. W. Merchant, Chemist, Lockport N. Y. N.B. A liberal discount made to dealers and Physicians. The above anide may be had at the store of J, Mc Lean, Jackson; Hale aüd Srnith, Tr.iss-Lake, and by the principie drugRists hroughout the state. - W S. and J. VV. Maynard, and Lund and Gibson, Agenta, Ann Arbor. Juckson, July 4th, l84o. Bïauks ! JBIauks!' Blanksiü "■"UST PRINTED, on fine paper and $& m a superior style, a large assort ment of blank Sumraone, SubDoenas, Execu ïons, &c. &c- For salo at this office. Ann Arbor, May 12, iG4i. tf WROM the sub'scrber abnut the first HL of this month a dark brown pony, with white hind feet, a white spot in tho forehead and a srnall white stripe on one side of the ncck. Whoever wil! return said poney to the subscriber in the villaje of Ann Arbor, orgive information wheré he may befound shaü be suitably reu-nrded. V. H. POVVELL. Ann Arbor, prÜ 26, 1841. JUST"RËcËïvËDthe Anli-Slavcry and Christian Almanacks tor 184], at A!ex. M'Farren Book Store, 137 Jefferson Avenue. Detroit, Pee. 10, 1840. ProdMcc oL every öesctaptiow, WrfÈ ECEIVED in paymont for Job work, lm Advertieing and Subscriptions to tho "SiffNAt, op Lieeiity," f delivered at tho Office, immediately over the Store of J. Becldey, fa Co. April L3. Wood! Wood! Wood! 'lANTED IMMEDIATELY, a few v cords of good hickory wood in exchange for the "Signai, of Liberty." tgLANKSofevery description ncatíj m-" executed at this oipce.