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Hon. Thomas Morris

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This gentleman in the course of speech before a recent antkslaverycon ventjon n Hamilton County, Ohio, gav the followmg testimony in regard to tl, Flor.da war. We are glad to sec that th convention went strong for political acI wished here to ay a word vvith regard to the Florida ar. That war had ils origm in slavehunting, and it has been kept up for noother purpose. Tho rovcrnmcnt agent when attempting to makc a treaty with the Seminóles, wiih a view of their removal west of the Miaissiupi was actually 8ent back to Washington city by the slaveholder, who declared that he must havo his runaway negroes who were among the indians- negroes that were claimed by the indians themselves as their property! American troops were accordjngly ordered into Florida for the ostensible purpose of compelling the Indians to give up the territory to the Uni'.ed Statesbutm reality the object was to recapturê the negroes, Thia forcc provine rather weak, the Creek indians were employed to assist our arms, and finally,- O shame wherejsjjiy blush? $fa dians? No, they had never been trained to this. Their profession, if I may so speak, was to hunt the negro. They knew nothing ubout the Indian. They were brought for no other purpose, and Gen. Jessup himselfacknowledgesit, than to hunt the poor negro. Behold American soldiers, Creek Indians, and Cubabluodhounds, all associated in this great enterprise which has cost the country forty millions of dollars!In view of all ihe facts which have been presented before us this day, I ihink we shou!d not hesitate to earry out our princi pies at the ballot box. For one I am resolved to vote for no man for public office beheawhigor a democrat, vvho is no willing to let the oppressed go free,' who s not willing to join heart and hand in removing from the institutions of our country one of the greatest curses of the earth