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'more Southern In Its Tendencies'

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Sonator Preston, at a great whig meeting in Charleston, May 23, 1841, exultinly proclainied that tho nccessioa of Mr. Tyler to the Execülive chair woulcl make "an administiutiun more southern in its tondencics" than that ofhis predecessor would have Leen - "both would stecr by the smne polar star, but wiih Tyior thefe might besome variation southward in the instrument." The evidence is daily encreusing, that when Mr. Preston made that rexriark, he wcll understod his man. Arnong the "southerti tendencias,1' we find tlio following list of nominations latcly mado for foreign ernbassiéé: Ex-Gov. Edwurd Everett, of Mafisachusotts, ambassador exlraordinary and minister plenipolentary toLondon. Col.Tüdd, of Kentucky, do. to Russiu. Mr. JenilVr, of Maryland, vdo to Austria. Mr. Baiker, of Georgia, charge to Sardinia. Mr. Prndleton, of Virginia, to Naples. Mr. Barrow, of Mit-sissippi, to Lisbon. There is "southern lendency" for you, five fijreigu ministers from tho slave stales and but one from the free Stales! The t'vee States gave Mr. Tyler 150 of tho votes which elevated him to his present station, and the slave states but sixly-etght - but a litlio over one quarter of the whole but tlien that is nothing to the purpose,beeause every body knows that the people of this free states are mere white slaves - plebeians, people who work for a living and it is not proper to send such bodies lo represent our government, and espccially our sla vedri ving and slave brecding Chief Magistrate at the Courls of Europe.