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Drunkennessnever will cease umong ua, until tne licensa syslsm is nbolished; and that oever willbe abolished unül the people declare, bt'iheir votes, that it shatl be done. In many places, during the last year, the test of "Rum" and "No Rum," wns fiilly introc'uced at iha polls. In Cinannati, the coffee-house or Rum party obtained a small majority, and Alcohol, is now plentiful in all the city. In Lotvell, Mass, on the question, "Shall the Mayor and Aldennen be instructed to grant no license for the sale of intoxicating drink during the municipal year?" the vote stood, yeas, 8S9 - nays 265. The jail is entirely empty, and the jailer has not a single boarder. ÖLThe Lancaster Presbytery, last April, passed the following: "Resolved, That this Presbytery, regarding slavery is a heinous sin, caiinot in conscience eitiier welcome or adnnt to the communion of the Lord's supp1 "l our cliurches, those who persist in the practice of it." They aleo passed a resolution on temperanco, in wlnchthey declure the selling of grain to distillers an ofFence worthy of discipline. fHave you ever known or heard of slaveholder who had ecruplea about voting aoainst abolition or the measurea of -abohtioniats? Do they not feel like him who aid he "would as soon vote for a Florida Indiaq as for an abolitioniet?" It is right to learn frqm an enemy.