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Kalamazoo County Convention

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AT a Nominating Conventioa of the Liberty Party, heid at the Cuurt House in the villageof Kalamazoo, the meeting was organized by calling JOHN P. MARSH, Esq., to the Chair andappointing Dr. R. P. Stevens, Secretary. On motion of Maj. Briggs, the meeting proceedeü lo an imiörmal bullot tor candidatos for Ropresentatives. Whereupon, it was found that J. S. Porter, Ësq., received 10 votes, A. II. Edward?, Esq., 15, Delmore Duncan, Esq., 16, Dr. Thomas 5, and John P Marsh, !q.,3. Ou motion of A. II. Edwards, Esq., the meeting then proceeded to a formal ballot. Whereupon, it was found that A. II. Edwards, Esq., and Delmore Duncan, Esq., received the highestnumber of' votes. On motion of Maj. Briggs, it was unanimously resolved, that ihese gentlemen bc the candidatea of this meeting for Representatives. The meeting then proceeded to an informal ballot lor County Commissioner. Rufus Royce, Esq., 5, A. G. Tuwer, Esq., 7, and several scattering. On motion of 1 . Burson, Esq., the meeting proceeded to a formal ballot. - Whereupon, itwas found thatA. G. Towers received 17 votes. On motion of A. II. Edwards, it was unanimouály resolved, that A.G. Tuwers be the candidate of this meeling for County Commipsioner. On motion of J. S Porter, it was unanimously resolved, that our friends in the other counties of this Senatorial District be invited to send Delegates to a Senato rial Convention, to be held on Thursday, 23rd oí September next, at the Kalamazoo Court House, for the purpose of nominating suitable candidates to be supporled lor Senators at this fall election. On motion of A. II. Edsvards, Esq. Resolved, That ten delégales be appomted from this county,viz: Dr. Thomas, J. S. Porter, J. P. Marsh, H.Wager,Isaiah Burson, F. C. 13ird, Albert G. Towers, Maj. 1. Briggs, í?aac Davis, and Isaac Briggs, Esqrs., ti the Senatorial Oonvention.The íollowmg resolutions were ükeftise adopted: Whereas, Liberty anJ S'avery are, in principie, diametrically, and must be eternally opposite, with no puint of neutrality - without any middle ground, beyond which one may not cncroach on the othi er - raaking "the price of liberty elcrnul vigilance," for liberté' and slavery cannot co-exist in the same government without an incessanl warfare between their Í cordant principies, tending to the establishment ét one by the destruction of the other; and, whercas. the slave power, by 80 f'ur disregarding the Constitution and lawa of the country, as to arouse the spirit of mob viulonce lo put down ilio liberty of speech and the press upon the subject of slavery, and by cleaving down the right of petition in Congress - viulating all constitutional right in its efforts to sustain itself, has manifested a disposition to rule or ruin, dernonstrating ihat slavehulders themselves believe that its exist anee can be perpetuated only by influences diametrically opposed the genius of our government. Tlierefurc Resolved, That an institutiun which can exist only by the destruction of some most invaluable privileges of freemen,can not be tolerated without endangering the existence of free government. Resolved, That while the slave power controls the aciion of the general government, its policy must be such as to foster interest of sluvc-labor - necessarily blight ing the productivo energy of freo labor; and that the permanent promotion of frec labor therefore requires the extinction of slaverv itself.Resolved, That the o'cvation of men to office, who are avowedly in favor of the extinction of slavery, as the only effectu al means of securing the permanent pros perity of freo labor, and who wül exert their influence for the attainment of ihat ol'ject by Conslitulional means, is a meas uie of immense importance to the great body of the people, and, that, in ofiering j such candidates ior the various offices u ! be filled at the ensuing election, we cali uponall, who hold that the promotion of iree labor interest, ought to be the great leading principie of legislatton, to give them their undivided support. Resolved, Thata committee offive,viz: Messrs. Dr. Thomas, A.. H. Edwards, Del more Duncan, J. S. Porter, and R. P. Sie vens, be committee of vigilance and cor respondence. Resolved, That the proceedings of this Convention be published in the KalamazooGazette and Signal of Liberty. On inotion, adjourned sine die.